Mapping anime to attract tourists

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The Japanese National Tourism Organization co-created a map of Hakone, Japan with Gainax, the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion a wildly popular 1990s anime which is currently undergoing a resurgence. The JNTO and Hakone area are taking advantage of this resurgence to encourage anime fans from around the globe to come for a visit. From […]

British Geological Survey Maps

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The British Geological Survey, the world’s oldest national geological survey, is offering GEOSCIENCE, a free service for sharing geospatial information including maps, 3D maps, and photographs. The GEOSCENIC is really cool because it is geological photos from their archives that can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. They have a make-a-map function for […]

INFOMAR – Mapping Ireland’s Seabed

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Just as countries are spending increasing amounts of money and resources to map their territories using high-resolution technologies such as LIDAR, some, like Ireland, are devoting significant effort to map their undersea territory (and potential resources) as well. Beginning in 2006, the INFOMAR (INtegrated Mapping FOr the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s MArine Resource) project has […]

Will TomTom’s Map Share herald the end of professional mapping?

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In an article yesterday, PC Pro’s (a UK-based tech news site) Darien Graham-Smith comments on the upcoming release of TomTom’s “MapShare” technology (here’s my previous post), and predicts that its impact will be much more far-reaching than the fairly quiet launch announcement. He argues that this will break consumer SatNav systems’ reliance on commercial map […]

Where is Middle-Earth?

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More fun from our friends over at Strange Maps. As the post says, Tolkien didn’t create Middle Earth from thin air, it’s based upon real geography. In this case, as sort of stylized version of Europe. Then you put in on the map, it sorta makes sense I guess. Although I would have thought he […]