Always… Never Forget To Check With The Experts

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Thanks to Real Genius for the title. Climate scientists are engaged in a little damage control after Britain’s Time Comprehensive Atlas of the World mistakenly claimed Greeland’s glaciers are melting at a breakneck rate. If you compare the ice cover from 1999 and 2011, the Atlas reports a 15% loss in ice coverage. Climate scientists […]

Google: It’s a visual.

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I have started to worry that I am creating an infinite loop back to Apartment Therapy (as Frank rolls his eyes) but I always enjoy the fun posts, especially the quirky spatial ones that crop up. Apartment Therapy’s Unplggd highlights artist Alejo Malia who pictures Google in a whole new way. I have to say […]

Gough Map of Britain:Linguistic Geographies research project

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The interdisciplinary linguistic geographies research project funded by the Arts & Humanities Council (AHRC) conjures up all the “old school” components of geography as a romantic, intellectual discipline but with the addition of new technology. For the past year, a team of researchers with backgrounds in geography, cartography, history, paleograhics, and linguistics have been developing […]

To Mars and Beyond

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As a young girl reading OMNI magazine, I couldn’t imagine saying no to a one way trip to explore space. I’m a little older now and would ask more questions, such as the ones posed in Cosmic Logic on MSNBC. It discusses a paper written by Dirk Schulze-Makuch, Washington State University and Paul Davies, Arizona […]

Antiques Roadshow guide to maps

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This link is a decade old, but still fun. The Antique Roadshow’s website has a section titled ‘Tips of the Trade‘ where different appraisers give tips that help them in deciding appropriate values. One of the tips is Searching out maps which talks about the different things that help them appraise the value of a […]

Bizarre Map Challenge

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For all you students out there whose maps are greeted with a “That’s bizarre…”, I’ve got the perfect map challenge for you! Our reader Keith M. sent us a heads up about the Bizarre Map Challenge, a map design competition open to high school, college, and university students (only here in the US). The maps […]