A VerySpatial Evening 2013 – Details

As promised we have narrowed down the details for this year’s meetup in San Diego and we are (hopefully) making it easier for folks to let us know they are planning to attend. First, the details:

  • Tuesday, July 9 beginning around 7:00PM
  • VerySpatial Condo (at corner of Front and Market), San Diego, CA
  • Grilled foods and a few sides
  • Just as last year we have limited capacity due to the size of the condo, so we have 12 spots open currently. To claim one of the spots, visit the VerySpaital.com site and in the right-hand sidebar go into the AVSE Registration. If you have a group coming to San Diego, please register each person. Last year we had a couple of spots left, so bring your comrades.

    Since the venue is ‘key entry’ we will email around the details to get in early that week (basically call us when you get there and we will run down and let you in). We looking forward to seeing some of you again and meeting some new folks as well.

    A Very Spatial Road Trip: Across the US – Pre-planning


    Howdy everyone!  We’re beginning the hard planning push for A Very Spatial Road Trip: Across the US!  Barb and I are excited to take our road trip across the US on our way to the ESRI User’s Conference.  We’ve got our big virtual paper map with our big virtual ‘paper’ pins and we’re ready to stick’em in the board.  We’ll be taking videos, photos, and journal logs along the way and updating the road trip as we go so you can chart our progress.  We’ll want to hit exciting and interesting stops along the way and we want you, dear listeners/readers, to give us suggestions.  We’ve already been invited to visit a GIS shop in Oklahoma City!  If you have any good ideas for places we should see, whether it be a natural wonder, a local point of interest, a decent bar-bq joint (shhhh!  don’t tell Barb, but the sub-subtitle to our journey is a Bar-BQ Bash Across America) or your GIS shop, then either email me at frank@veryspatial.com or post a comment to any posts titled: A Very Spatial Road Trip.

    We’re off in just under a month, so get those suggestions in.  We look forward to seeing you America!

    Image courtesy of the Library of Congress Photo Collection