avsp EarthDay Contests

We were sitting there, recording the podcast, the next thing Sue and I knew Frank had thrown out two challenges/contests to see what you are doing for EarthDay! When the dust had settled here is what was left.

EarthDay Contest #1

  • Submit a photo of you at an EarthDay activity…Subject line should say EarthDay Picture with a description of the photo
  • EarthDay Contest #2

  • Submit your top ideas for what to do to make EarthDay everyday. Subject line should say EarthDay Everyday with a description of the photo
  • All entries for both contests should go to contest at veryspatial.com by May 4, 2006.

    Check out Episode 39 for details, and Episode 42 for the results. There are at least t-shirts on the line as prizes and probably more once I check our shelves (OK so it just one shelf, but still…)

    Transitions never go as easily as they should

    Apparently we have disappeared from iTunes. I am guessing this is due to the edits to the feed. This won’t impact anyone who isn’t using iTunes (all 30 of you 🙂 ) and shouldn’t impact anyone who is already subscribed…just those who might try to subscribe or download individual episodes through iTunes. Hopefully Apple will be able to just put the info back up since we had 1 or 2 reviews (thanks by the way), otherwise we will just start from scratch.

    Heads up

    I just wanted to let all of the subscribers know that I am editing the main podcast feed today so your aggregator may think all of the episodes are new and try to download them all again. I apologize for the inconvenience but it will help us break out the conference episodes in the future.

    Update: The both feeds (regular and conference) are set up but there is an issue, so all episodes are showing up in both feeds when I use feedburner (fine if I use the original rss, but you are all subscribed using the feedburner feed 🙂 ). I am following a couple of threads on the libsyn forums to see if they get answers to issue in the next couple of days otherwise I will track someone down and get some direct help.

    On the Road Again……

    So Jesse and I are travelling again….this time we are taking a group of GIS students to tour some facilities that use GIS in the Maryland and DC area. Tomorrow we are visiting EarthData International and the Montgomery County GIS and, if they are OK with it, we’ll let you know what we got to see.

    New Poll – Podcast delivery

    Our new poll is up (it can be found it the left column of the site) and we asks\ your opinion on how we should move forward with the podcast offering. As you know the length of the show has been growing, especially the interview driven episodes. With that in mind, and some ideas that James Fee shared at the Dev Summit, we have come up with some viable alternatives. We are definitely moving conference oriented materials to another feed as I get the time to set it up so there will not be a barrage on the main show feed at the next conference for instance.

    For the main show feed the options are to 1) leave the show as is, 2) create 2 shows a week on a single feed, one that covers news and events and another that is the discussion; 3) the same 2 shows but on separate feeds; 4) two feeds, one a news and events version and the other the full version of the show. If you directly download the files, the number of feeds isn’t really important to you, but we still would like to know your thoughts on how the weekly show should be provided.

    If you would like, feel free to post or email ideas that don’t fall into these options.

    Trying something new on Episode 35

    We have three great interviews that I want to be together in Episode 35 this week, but I don’t want to cut them down or serve them as special episodes. What I have decided to do instead is to take an idea that James Fee suggested this past week and serve up the opening news section by itself tonight after I get it encoded and serve the main content up separately, though it will be in 3 sub episode (a, b, and c) since each interview was between 15 and 25 minutes in length. I am using this as an experiment and will post a poll on it later in the week to see what people think of seperating the news, web corner and events from the main discussion. Let us know your thoughts through a comment or email.

    Also keep in mind that I will be creating a new conference feed as soon as we get through the rest of the EDS content so that you can choose whether to receive conference content.

    Meet Frank

    FrankFrank’s main job at AVSP is to make sure there is ample material for the blooper real. Normally this is done through a series of bad puns, off topic remarks, and launching in to random bits of music to stick into everyone’s head (which will never be released lest we loose 50% of our listener ship overnight). Never one to shy away from expressing an opinion, his favorite part of AVSP is mixing it up with people in the discussion section. His aspiration for each show is to slip in just enough on-topic puns and one-liners that aren’t worth Jesse’s time to edit out. When he’s not harassing Sue and Jesse, Frank’s day job is programming Internet GIS applications. However his true love is working towards his PhD in Political Science. His research interests mostly center on technology in society, technology policy, and community development. Someday he hopes to bring GIS to the unwashed masses of Political Scientists, whether they want it or not.

    Meet Sue

    Each week when we record VerySpatial, Sue’s main job is to keep Frank and Jesse in line and somehow manage to not breathe or giggle too loudly into the microphone. Her favorite part of co-hosting A VerySpatial Podcast is getting to interview so many people in Geography and geospatial industries, and she is still hoping to land a dream interview with tech gurus Leo Laporte or Patrick Norton.

    In her other life, Sue is a PhD student in Geography, specializing in Historical GIS, and also has MA degrees in History and Geography. Her research interests include the expansion of GIS functionality to incorporate historical data, digital reconstruction of historic landscapes. She is also working on several customization projects for ArcGIS using ArcObjects and VB .NET.

    Heading to Palm Springs

    We are on the road again.  This time on our way to Palm Springs for the ESRI Dev Summit.  If you are going to be there keep an eye open for the microphone.  When we aren’t in sessions we will be in the Andreas Room interviewing folks or wandering the floor hitting people up for interviews.  We will be doing daily reviews at the EDS starting tomorrow night.  See you in Palm Springs.