New t-shirt in store…Map you

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It is all Frank’s fault. We were sitting around, recording an episode of the podcast, and the next thing you know a Queen reference was tossed out leading to me contemplating “We are the champions”…next thing you know the idea for our new t-shirt that declares to all that “We will, We will, Map you!” […]

avsp EarthDay Contests

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We were sitting there, recording the podcast, the next thing Sue and I knew Frank had thrown out two challenges/contests to see what you are doing for EarthDay! When the dust had settled here is what was left. EarthDay Contest #1 Submit a photo of you at an EarthDay activity…Subject line should say EarthDay Picture […]

Heads up

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I just wanted to let all of the subscribers know that I am editing the main podcast feed today so your aggregator may think all of the episodes are new and try to download them all again. I apologize for the inconvenience but it will help us break out the conference episodes in the future. […]

On the Road Again……

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So Jesse and I are travelling again….this time we are taking a group of GIS students to tour some facilities that use GIS in the Maryland and DC area. Tomorrow we are visiting EarthData International and the Montgomery County GIS and, if they are OK with it, we’ll let you know what we got to […]

ESRI Podcast Survey reminder

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Keep in mind that there is just a week left to take the ESRI Podcast Survey. Ten of the respondents will be chosen at random to receive a book from ESRI. The book Agile Development Using the ICONIX Method follows a real-life .NET/C# project using ArcGIS Server from inception to working code. To take the […]

New Poll – Podcast delivery

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Our new poll is up (it can be found it the left column of the site) and we asks\ your opinion on how we should move forward with the podcast offering. As you know the length of the show has been growing, especially the interview driven episodes. With that in mind, and some ideas that […]

Meet Frank

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Frank’s main job at AVSP is to make sure there is ample material for the blooper real. Normally this is done through a series of bad puns, off topic remarks, and launching in to random bits of music to stick into everyone’s head (which will never be released lest we loose 50% of our listener […]