VerySpatial Contest #4 – One Year!

iPodWe want to celebrate our one year anniversary by giving you the chance to win an iPod Nano or some VerySpatial swag. First, the rules…listen to episodes 46 to 50 to find out the answers to the following 5 questions:

1) What was Frank’s first episode…
2) What is Sue’s favorite flavor of ice cream…
3) What is the name of the VerySpatial Bear/Mascot…
4) Who was our first interviewee…
5) How should you greet people on GIS Day…

All answers must be emailed to us by July 18, 2006. Emails that provide all 5 of the correct answers will be included in the random drawing to determine the Grand Prize winner of the iPod and winners of the other prizes/swag. Only one entry per person. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

Blog upgraded

There were a couple of scary minutes where an out of date plug-in broke the database connection, but everything seems to work after some button mashing. If you find any problems other the general lack of posts lately, let me know. 🙂

New poll: What is your desktop GIS

I forgot to activate this poll a few weeks ago when I created it to go with our Desktop GIS episode, but it is always a relevant question. What is your desktop GIS package of choice? I think we know who will end up with the top spot, but I am curious how the distribution lies within our listeners/readers. Head over to and take the poll.


This week Sue, Frank and I will be helping to put on the WV GIS Forums and Workshops, which means some of us will be doing our day jobs in the evenings. But we will be bringing you a couple of interview/discussions along with what I hope will turn out to be a person-on-the-street (in the hallway) segment as well. See you at the end of the week!

No entries in EarthDay contest(s)

Unfortunately, no one entered the EarthDay contests, so we can’t announce winners. Hopefully we will have a better turn out for our one year anniversary contest that will include, among other prizes, an iPod Nano, engraved of course :-). If any companies are interested in sponsoring the contest and offering up prizes in exchange for a little air time at the end of our anniversary show, contact us.

avsp back in iTunes

…though iTunes never seems to be up to date. I just posted episode 41 to the feed and podcast page. I am tossing down an IOU for shownotes for 40 and 41 but they will be up within the next 22 hours. 14-16 of you downloaded a draft version of 41, but other than some sound issues that I have been battling today, the content should be the same.

Hola! Como esta ustedes?

We just finished up our session (3 papers all ended up in the same general session) here at the SAA conference in San Juan. Sue kicked things off with geovisualization and historic archaeology. I kidnapped a presentation that our professor/co-author couldn’t make it to present and talked about the ‘googlization of archaeology’ which I will write up for the site soon. Finally, I presented by own paper about linking Higuchi viewsheds to phenomenological landscape archaeology through the use of geospatial technologies. Overall it was kind of quiet since it was an evening session, but it was 3 hours of good papers none the less.

We have been grabbing short interviews where possible, but we aren’t going to be able to get as many as I had hoped due to various issues. Either way look for some cool uses of geospatial tech from archaeologists in this week’s episode.

New t-shirt in store…Map you

map youIt is all Frank’s fault. We were sitting around, recording an episode of the podcast, and the next thing you know a Queen reference was tossed out leading to me contemplating “We are the champions”…next thing you know the idea for our new t-shirt that declares to all that “We will, We will, Map you!”

Head over to our store and take a look at this and other items.

New Poll – how do you listen to podcasts

A new poll is up on Head over to the site and let us know how you listen to your podcasts.

The results of the last poll show that most of you like to get the podcast as is. With that in mind in the future I am going to try to provide a feed that will just be news and events, and an AAC version of the full podcast so that we can include chapter breaks and pictures timed to the content. This of course means I have to figure out why the our current split feed isn’t working correctly AND get us back into iTunes.