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While we are on object 1035, this is actually our 1,000th post. Thanks for being mildly curious about what we have had to say over the last year or so, and we plan to be here until we reach another large number of posts 😉 Keep an eye out for our 100th podcast (weekly and […]

Late night updates

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Just a few updates on the site tonight. The podcast page is up-to-date, the calendar has had a couple of additions but keep an eye out for even more events soon, the media kit is updated in case your company wants to help us get to the next conference :-), and the forum is kind […]

ESRI UC – Sunday and Monday

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We have been throwing podcasts up left and right so far. Sunday resulted in our Day 1 podcast including talks about and, and a Meet the Authors 1 podcast with a few ESRI Press authors. For Monday I am currently uploading our Day 2 podcast with our take on the morning plenaries and […]

Landspaping, not landscapes

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The VerySpatial crew spent the day today digging the ‘foundation’ for Frank’s new walkway that extends the length of the front of his house. The up shot is that Sue and I found that our mad digging skills that were honed as field archaeologists have definitely atrophied during our stint as keyboard jockeys. If anyone […]

Our ‘New Media’ article in ArcUser Magazine

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Yes, it is a shamless plug, I know. But, we wrote a short article about the ‘New Media’, including podcasts, blogs, etc. and their role in disseminating information about geography and geospatial technologies, and it was accepted for the latest issue (July-September 2006) of ArcUser magazine. We’re very excited, naturally, and hope you check it […]