Podcast delayed ’til Monday evening

Our apologies for the delay in the podcast release schedule. We had planned to meet up and finish the episode Sunday, but life intervened. We will have episode 67, our spooky ‘geography of death’ out before the goblins and ghouls take to the streets. In the meantime, the site might go down for a few minutes late tonight as I update to the new version of WordPress. Talk to you tomorrow.

Enhanced podcast now in iTunes

meAs of today you can follow this link to the enhanced AAC version of the podcast on iTunes. While I am sure the MP3 version will always be more popular, I like being able to include images and links in the enhanced version. Of course you can still use the enhanced AAC RSS feed if you are not a iTunes user, or you can download the episodes from the show notes. In early November I will be adding the AAC version to the existing MP3 archives at podcast.veryspatial.com

Also, keep your eyes open for some new video podcast goodness coming out of the AVSP ‘studios’ around Geography Awareness Week.

What are the 9.2 graphics requirements

I am in the market for a new laptop. My sticking point is that I have no idea what the graphics requirements will be for ArcGIS 9.2. I would prefer to save money and buy a laptop with shared video memory as opposed to spending significantly more for a dedicated graphics card. However, since I tend to use my laptop as my primary machine I will shell out the extra cash if 9.2 does a better job of pushing graphics processes to the GPU than previous versions…which I thought I heard would be the case (though I can’t remember where).

Could someone from ESRI or a beta tester give me a hint as to how the graphics in 9.2 compare to 9.1, does more of the graphics rendering get offloaded to the GPU or does the CPU still feel the brunt of the work. Feel free to leave a comment or email.

Thanks in advance.

Dave S. turns the tables on AVSP

ESRIOur interview with Dave Scheirer from the ESRI UC is up now as part of the ESRI Speaker Series. Some of the questions were tough since our research is essentially our client (outside of the few small contract projects that we have done over the years), so we fumble a bit on that question and of course, unless they edited it out, I unitentionally brown-nosed :-P.

It was a great time and it was an honor to have Dave interview us himself since he has helped us get our foot in the door for the sponsorship and many of the great interviews we have had in the past.

Be sure to check out the ESRI Speaker Series.

GAW 2006 Contest

Our next contest is in honor of the Geography Awareness Week topic…Migration: The human journey. We want to see where our mascot GEOrge can end up in world as he visits you.

Entering is easy,

  1. Click here to get an image of GEOrge that is ready to be printed
  2. take a picture of you holding GEOrge somewhere in the world
  3. email us your picture (contest at veryspatial dot com) along with the location of the picture (either lat/long or city/state/country)

That’s it. We will choose the grand prize winner plus two runners up randomly from the list of entries AND we will also choose what we think is the most interesting place that GEOrge migrates to. All entries must be received by Nov 8, 2006. Winners will be announced during Geography Awareness Week.

AVSP Forum going away – links to other great forums

Those of you who have accounts on our forums probably received a notice of a private message on Thursday. Since the spam has spread beyond the forums themselves and since we haven’t had a lot of traffice since the first week, we are making them go away.

We still think that forums are a great way to communicate and we recommend you check out some of the forums that are out there including:

CartoTalk – A pulic forum for Cartography and Design
GIS Forums – Forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
Delphi GIS Forums – Another forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
GeoCommunity – GIS Discussions
MapForums – Forum based around MapPoint
PPGIS.net – Open forum on Participatory GIS and technologies
About.com Geography Forums – covers a wide range of Geography topics
GeographyForum.net – Geography forum for primarily for UK teachers
Talk Geography – General discussion about geography
GISUser – active forums on geospatial technologies

Little behind

The podcast will be up Monday evening. This week we talk about some options when preparing YOUR GISDay/Geography Awareness Week activities. It is Sue and I again since I gave Frank my illness…sorry Frank.

Have a podcast…send us your promo

We haven’t done a promo swap since the very beginning, but I want to do more. If you are one of the growing number of folks who are starting to podcast about geography, or if you have been doing it for a while now, send us a 30-60 second promo of your show in mp3 format and we will play it in our web corner. Even if you do a show that isn’t geography send it in and we will play it somewhere in the show. Head over to the contact page for the podcast email address.