Contest details

Time for the next contest. This time you don’t have to download a picture or print a picture, just send a picture (preferably yours and definitely not copyrighted).

Send a picture that represents your ancestry and a brief description to: contest (at) veryspatial (dot) com.

One lucky person will join us in participating in the National Geographics Genograhic Project.

The first place winner must reside in the US due to postage costs, but anyone can win second or third place (a t-shirt and other SWAG). All entries must be received by 11:59 PM PST January 31, 2007.

Lazy New Years Eve

Episode 76 has been recorded, but I am taking the day off to lay on the couch and catch up on my favorite web comics, so it won’t be edited and online until Monday.

Have a festive, yet safe, New Year’s Eve.

VSTV is taking the week off

Due to a busy week on campus, we didn’t get a chance to finish our ‘person on the street’ interviews for Episode 5, but we will save the questions for the beginning of the new year. We will have our Winter Solstice and the four seasons (the new episode 5) out by next Thursday, and a webmap APIs episode around the 28th.

Going APE at AAG

For those of you who are in to comics and who will be attending the AAG in San Francisco, keep in mind that the Alternative Press Expo, one of the siblings to the San Diego Comic-Con, will be taking place in San Fran on April 21 and 22, at the end of the AAG conference. Now I wish we had submitted a paper on the geography of comic universes…it would have been quite fitting. Well, we still plan to do an episode on it eventually.

Alternative Press Expo

Happy Turkey Day

htdWe here in the states get the day off work and travel great distances to eat a big meal, take a nap, and drive back. I started out making Frank the turkey, but that was just too obvious (and I didn’t want to get beat up). I hope everyone has a great day, but if you are in the US

Happy Thanksgiving!

What do you want to know about Geography and geospatial tech

We are looking to add a new feature to the podcasts…we want you to ask the questions of the day, from the general geographic to the tech specific. In most cases we will try to answer your questions ourselves, but we will also go out and find the people who are the experts and get their ideas on the topic. Feel free to ask questions that have visual answers…we will answer those on the upcoming video podcast.

Send us your questions via email at questions (at) veryspatial (dot) com, Skype us (jesse-veryspatial) or leave us a voice mail at (304)756-8125.

If answer your question on the podcast, we will send you some SWAG (magnet, t-shirt, hat, whatever is on the shelf) so please be sure to include your details so we can send you something.

Presentation du jour

Sue, Frank and I gave a presentation on the virtues of the New Media in Geography and geospatial technologies to the northern WV ESRI user meeting Thursday morning. We would like to give a shout out to our great ESRI rep for inviting us to present…thanks Rick…and thank the audience for coming to the presentation.

Speaking of presentations, our second annual New Media panel at the 2007 AAG is shaping up nicely. As we get a little closer to the conference we will try to arrange a geoblogger meet-up, so if you know downtown San Fran and would be interested in helping to find a venue drop me an email.