In SF for AAG

So we Sue and I are in San Francisco attending the AAG. I have already hit a session but we got in during the afternoon so we missed some of the earlier sessions. We are staying at the Parc 55 right across the street from the Hilton, but I hadn’t paid attention to where the Location Intelligence conference was taking place until we checked in and saw that it just downstairs…kind of cool, though we haven’t bumped into any of the Directions folks so far.

We may have a daily wrap up later tonight, but more likely it will wait until Wednesday after we have had a full day of presenting and partaking.

GeoToys – 20% off purchases

As we mentioned on the podcast this week, we are trying something new by teaming up with small geospatial businesses to give them a little exposure and to provide you, our great audience, with a discount on products we think are interesting. This month we are working with GeoToys, a great site for Geography based games, puzzles and toys. Over the next few weeks we will highlight a few of their products that we think are pretty cool, but the real upside is that you can get a 20% discount when you use the coupon code “veryspatial” when you check out at


Making a geobloggers poster for AAG

Next week at the AAG I would like to put up a poster during the Geospatial Technology Event with a little info on the community and the technologies (blogging and podcasting) that enables our social networking frenzy. As part of the poster I would like to include the names, logos and links of the sites that are interested. If you would like your site included on the poster please email Jesse your site name, logo (if you have one), link and a one sentence description of the site. Please send these materials no later than Thursday April 12. I will put a draft of the poster up by Saturday and I will print it on Monday.

New Poll: Conferences

Well, we tell you about upcoming events every week…we even update the calendar occasionally, but we are curious how often you get to hang with your fellow geography geeks at geography conferences or geospatial tech events. Social networking 1.0 at its best. Take the poll and let us know how many conferences you are going to attend in 2007.

GPS Poll Results

Well the Holux’s have it. The vote was 6-2 for the Holux with the other two votes going one each to the Pharo and TeleType. The Holux has been ordered and should be here before AAG…

Which bluetooth GPS to buy (poll)

VerySpatial is in search of a simple and small bluetooth GPS to use as we wander through the conferences coming up this summer. The poll is back on the left hand column of the site. I haven’t had any luck finding a good comparison of the current round of units in terms of ease of use, battery consumption, stability, and connectivity, so we are hoping some of you have these units and might be willing to speak on their behalf. Feel free to email details or other units that I didn’t include that you think are worth considering.

Holux Pharos TeleType

Daily podcasts coming to an end

I am almost out of materials to post from the Dev Summit, so the conference feed and Special Episodes will be quieting down early next week. But do not fear, we are mere weeks from the AAG which I am sure will provide us with a wealth of audio and video content come mid-April. On that note if you live in the Bay Area or will be in town for one of the conferences that will be going on the week of April 16, send us an email and we may even interview you (we really want to get 2 minute blurb of papers if folks are willing).

next is back

Yep, apparently the next and previous buttons have been missing since we upgraded to 2.1 and I hadn’t noticed and probably wouldn’t have unless folks had shared their absence…thanks by the way…so all is good and you can once again find out what happened before the last 10 posts if you are so inclined.

AVSP Roadshow in DFW

Well, Sue and I left Frank back in Morgantown to catch a flight to Palm Springs this morning. We are currently sitting in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport waiting for the connection in a couple of hours. We found some fun items in the SkyMall catalog like personalized map jigsaw puzzles, custom Lat/Long plaques for your house, and of course the lovable, huggable globe. We should be in Palm Springs in time to catch the end of the Showcase this afternoon and make it to the geobloggers meet-up tonight.