VSTV Season 2 coming soon

Well it is about time for us to start our second 13(ish) episode season. We are going to start off with a hands on with the OQO Model 2 that Sue just received, followed by several conference interview episodes. If there is a specific person you would like us to try to speak with while we are wondering through ISDE or ESRI UC, shoot me an email and I will see what we can do.

Pirates are coming

Don`t be too surprised if you we are kind of quiet for the next couple of days as we try to finish the week with a lab visit to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie Friday afternoon. 🙂

VerySpatial hits the ESRI Speaker Series

Dev Summit…again. Sue and I sat down with Bern at the 2007 ESRI Dev Summit to talk about what we were excited about (we are always excited, so it isn’t hard to find something) from the conference and 9.2. Since Sue and I have been on twice, we are going to let Frank have the honors at the ESRI UC in June. To listen to the interview you can subscribe to the ESRI Speaker Series podcasts or download the episode from the ESRI Speaker Series podcasts page.

Second anniversary contest – The Details

Week 1 Entry – May 21
Week 2 Entry – May 28
Week 3 Entry – June 4
Week 4 Entry – June 11
Week 5 Entry – June 18

The second anniversary contest is broken into 5 weeks. Each week we will post a question that must be answered in the online form provided with the question. Each week that you answer the question correctly you will receive an entry, and while you can only enter oncer per week, that means you can still get up to 5 entries overall for the grand prize, a new GPS receiver. All entries must be in by July 2, 2007.

There will also be weekly drawings for SWAG and t-shirts which will be announced on episodes 99-103. Entries for each weekly drawing must be posted within 7 days of the initial post (eg, Week 1 rns from May 21 – May28 at midnight PDT).

The contest is open world wide, however we will be buying the GPS in the US, so it may not have the best international maps.

The winner of the Grand Prize and runner up prizes will be announced on Episode 104 of A VerySpatial Podcast, July 15, 2007. Please remember, only one entry per person per week. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

Contest delayed

Our 2 year anniversary contest, announced on this weeks podcast, has been delayed due to a post-semester lethargy. But never fear you will soon have your chance to win goodies. More details will be available in episode 96 this Sunday.

Do you have geospatial tip you would like to share

I am thinking of doing a show where we share tips of various software that we use everyday. But before I try to talk Sue and Frank into it, I was wondering if others have tips they want to share or if you are looking for a software tip in your spatial lives. If you have a something you would like to share post a comment to this post with your tip or tech question.

Based on the tips you provide, or the questions, we will decide whether to do an all encompassing tip show or if we should break it up into different shows based on software or technology.

Looking for guests at ESRI UC

We are thinking of doing a live show at the ESRI UC on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are interested in joining us on the mic as we chat about the conference, any announcements, or just about anything…please email me at jesse at veryspatial dot com by Friday (May 11). If we have takers we will arrange a time and request a room.

Also, if you are interested watching such a circus email me so that I know there will be an audience. We will have a time nailed down in the next couple of weeks if there is interest.