Are we linking to you

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I am taking my procrastination from writing as a chance to get the site back up to date including our links page (finally got around to fixing what WP2.1 broke). If you aren’t on our links page or would like to be removed, please email us with the details (link, site name).

Almost there

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This relates to 2 things: 1) As we draw near the end of summer and the beginning of classes, it looks as if things are beginning to calm down in the VerySpatial-verse which means blog posts and podcast planning should be on the rise in a week or so (along with a rise in the […]

Special Episode 23…the correction

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The great and powerful Dave pointed out a couple of oversights in the post for SE 23 (thanks Dave!). I misspelled Aileen Buckley’s name (apologies Aileen) and I completely forgot to post the second half of the interview which was a discussion with Craig Gilgrass about how folks are taking to some of the Geodatabase […]

New Poll: Have you gone green

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We often talk about global warming, going green, and our role on the environment in the podcast and blog, but we are kind of curious where you stand on the green spectrum so your options are: Hunter Green – You are planting trees, using environment safe products, practicing the 3 R’s (reduce reuse recycle) , […]

Deluge to come

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Everyone has returned to the east, with Barb and Frank back in WV and Sue and I in Charlottesville, VA for the Geography and Humanities conference that was hosted by AAG, ALCS, and UVA. Overall, a good conference, though I was a bit out of it from Friday’s travel and an early morning to meet […]

Trying out Google Calendar

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I have been very happy with WebCalendar which we have used for for the duration, but since I am playing around with Google Calendar I thought I would drop it in the iframe for a while. If you are subscribed to the VerySpatial Calendar using iCal don’t worry, so is Google Calendar, I am […]

Epi 99 delayed a few hours

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Sue, Zach and I have been checking out San Francisco ever since our official duties ended on Saturday with the recording of the podcast. I have most of the edit done, but without our regular setup, Skype was a little harder to edit than usual. I will have the episode up before we head to […]