New Poll: Have you gone green

We often talk about global warming, going green, and our role on the environment in the podcast and blog, but we are kind of curious where you stand on the green spectrum so your options are:

  • Hunter Green – You are planting trees, using environment safe products, practicing the 3 R’s (reduce reuse recycle) , and more
  • Emerald Green – You make an effort, practice the 3 R’s, making the switch to CFL bulbs, but you still have some bad habits
  • Lime Green – You try to conserve energy, do what you can when you have the time, but …
  • Nope – You don’t even try.
  • As for the last poll it looks like most people don’t really get a chance to make it to conferences. Bug your boss and get out there so you can share your experience and learn from others.

    Second anniversary contest – last week

    Don’t forget that you have until 11:59PM Pacific Daylight Time on July 2 to answer any of the 5 contest questions we have posted over the last 5 weeks. For each question you answer correctly you receive an extra entry…answer all 5 questions correctly your name will be in the hat 5 times. You can get the full details and links to the questions in this post. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on episode 104, our second anniversary.

    The Grand Prize will be a Mio 320C, but there will also be other great prizes as well.

    Good luck!

    Deluge to come

    Everyone has returned to the east, with Barb and Frank back in WV and Sue and I in Charlottesville, VA for the Geography and Humanities conference that was hosted by AAG, ALCS, and UVA. Overall, a good conference, though I was a bit out of it from Friday’s travel and an early morning to meet to finish our presentation.

    While we have gone lite on content hear in VA, I still have interviews and content from ISDE5 and the ESRIUC to put up on the main feed and the conference feed over the next couple of weeks.

    Oh yeah, and we received a Special Achievement in GIS award from ESRI. We send props out to all of the geobloggers and geopodcasters out there who deserve a piece of this for their outreach to the geospatial community at large.

    Trying out Google Calendar

    I have been very happy with WebCalendar which we have used for for the duration, but since I am playing around with Google Calendar I thought I would drop it in the iframe for a while. If you are subscribed to the VerySpatial Calendar using iCal don’t worry, so is Google Calendar, I am just using Google Calendar as a pass through while I leisurely update WebCalendar over the next couple of weeks.

    Reminder – Live show and geobloggers

    A quick reminder that a week from today will find the VerySpatial crew in San Diego for the ESRI User Conference. During this frantic week of presentations and interviews we are going to take a little time to try our first VerySpatial show with an audience on Tuesday, June 19 at 4:30 in Room 11A/B of the San Diego Convention Center. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Also, a quick reminder of the geoblogger meet-up later Tuesday night at 8:00 that we will be attending.

    Epi 99 delayed a few hours

    Sue, Zach and I have been checking out San Francisco ever since our official duties ended on Saturday with the recording of the podcast. I have most of the edit done, but without our regular setup, Skype was a little harder to edit than usual. I will have the episode up before we head to the airport tomorrow morning. Apologies for the delay.

    Details of avsp live show

    We have finalized the details of the avsp live show at the ESRI UC.

    When: 4:30 PDT, Tuesday, June 19
    Where: Room 11 A/B, San Diego Convention Center
    Who: Everyone is invited

    We have an acoustic performance by earthShine which includes a GIS professional as lead singer and my college roommate on guitar. We will have a few guests joining us on mic, but we are still forming up the guests, so email me if you would like to discuss something specific. We will start the actual show around 4:40 to give folks a chance to arrive from the sessions that end at 4:30, and we will try to finish the show itself in time for folks to make it to the 5:30 SIG sessions.

    We will be hanging out after the show and will eventually make our way to the geobloggers meetup at 8:00 at Mr Tiki’s. Don’t forget to RSVP with GeoMullah if you plan to attend the meetup.