VSTV schedule

So far we haven’t had a consistent schedule for VSTV, but the plan is to take it to twice a month with an episode on the 15th or 16th and another at the end of the month. We will continue to have the “in the field” episodes, but we will be bringing back the screencast episodes, and we hope to try out a few other ideas in the future. The next VSTV episode up on the 15th (a screencast) and then our highlights from the Festival of Maps.

What are the geospstial charities…

So it is the giving time of the year. Altruistically it is because of the time of year with the holidays, realistically folks are looking for last minute tax breaks…either way, I was wondering what charitable organizations are out there that fall under the Geography or geospstial umbrella. If you know of an organization feel free to leave the info in the comments below or email me with the info. We will include the information that we gather in a future episode of avsp.

Episodes are delayed

Kind of busy this weekend…we will hopefully be recording avsp Sunday and I will try to have it up late Monday night. VSTV episode 22 is recorded and will go up early on Wednesday, the Geography of cemeteries. In the mean time head over to the QGIS blog to check out some of their new webcasts to get you up and running with the great open source GIS. It can get you started with the new version 0.9.0.

Episode 118 feeds fixed

Apparently there was an issue with both the AAC and MP3 feeds for this weeks podcast which kept it from being downloaded. I have fixed the issue and the episode should be available to your podcatcher very soon. Thanks to Andrew for letting me know about the issue!

AAG panel participants

The New Media panel for the AAG in Boston (April 08) is turning out nicely and we are going with an education theme. I would like to get one more person on the panel so that I can just moderate (yup, I am that lazy) so if you are going to be at the AAG and you are interested in New Media in Geography Education (formal and informal) send me an email. Also, I will be in the Geography Education student paper competition with a paper on basically the same topic as the panel if you are interested in my spiel.