A St Patty’s day link

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If you play this video at an appropriate volume you will either get yelled at by your coworkers to turn it down or to turn it up…ignore the former and share a pint with the latter. And hey, with is more geographic than a band from Newfoundland being used to highlight a holiday we all […]

VerySpatial at the AAG

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I mentioned a while back that VerySpatial will be hosting a panel on Digital Media and Learning in Geography at the Association of American Geographers meeting in Washington, DC in April, but keep in mind that while we are many, there are that many more chances for us to get into trouble with microphone in […]

Updating the site

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Update: I think that is it. The sidebars content will be changing a little bit over the rest of the week, but this is what the site will look like for a while. Please contact us if you have any problems with the site. Please excuse the shifting and moving on the site over the […]

Happy t-giving

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It is time for those of us in the US to sit down and eat too much turkey (gobbler or tofu) with dressing and ALL of the fixings. It is also time to give our thanks for the bounty of the year. Generally it is thanks for the harvest, but since we are not farmers […]

GAW Contest Day 1

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We are kicking off the week with an old fashion "which country" question. You can either answer the question in the form below or you can direct message VerySpatial on Twitter to submit your answer by 11:59 PM PST tonight (15 Nov). We will select 2 winners, 1 will receive a copy of the Field Assets iPhone app and the other will receive a piece of VerySpatial SWAG. The winner will be announced along with tomorrows question around 11:00 AM EST. On to the question: What country is home to Lake Nasser?
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