Moving into 2011: call for topics and ideas

Over the last five and a half years the blog here at has always been intended to be a support mechanism for our podcast. But as we start a new calendar year and a new half year of all things VerySpatial we have taken some time to contemplate what VerySpatial can be. To that end we have decided to move forward with three ideas which we need your help with.

  1. We are announcing an open call for blog contributors. We are looking for people who are involved with Geography and/or geospatial technologies in their daily lives to help us take the blog from a support role for A VerySpatial Podcast to a source of broad Geography content. I will post details on this open call on Thursday (Jan 13).
  2. An audience survey is being put together to get an idea of what you would like to see in terms of content, format, and schedule for the blog and podcast. It would be great if you would take a few minutes to respond to the survey when we roll it out at the beginning of February.
  3. Last year we organized a number of our podcast main topics and interviews around a theme (Time and Geography). This year, we wanted to continue with that idea, and are bringing you a new theme: Hazards. We plan to kick off the theme with a listener-requested discussion on flood mapping, but we want to know if you have any specific topics you would like us to discuss or people you would like us to talk to on the theme of hazards. Please email us or leave a comment on this post if you have any suggestions regarding the theme.

While the podcast is generally a well-oiled machine after 286 weekly episodes, we will be tweaking a few things as we head toward our 6th anniversary in July. A notable shift will be placing more content in the conference/roadshow feed or releasing special episodes for most conference content and bringing you more discussions and broader interviews on the weekly podcast.

We hope that we will find some great new contributors to help us in our efforts to bring you interesting information about the discipline, about the technologies we use every day, and about the bleeding edge of research, ideas, and technologies that will impact the way we approach Geography in the future.

An early Happy New Year

While we on the east coast of the US still have about 26 hours to go to get to January 1, some of you are already in the afternoon on December 31 and are probably already preparing for your New Year’s Eve suppers, parties, and other festivities. On this day when the Gregorian Calendar begins anew those of us who follow it to track time make merry and festive, or quiet and contemplative, or some mix there in. And so to those about to meet the new year I wish you a good year full of the things that you seek and maybe even some things that unexpectedly find you.

To those of you on a lunar calendar, take the opportunity to engage in an extra set of festivities and help us make the transition from 2010 to 2011 a great one

Welcome to GAW 2010

We found our way back, once again, to Geography Awareness Week. As you are probably aware, this year’s theme is Freshwater and we will be touching on the topic in our guest post on the MyWonderfulWorld blog on Wednesday, but we have our standard fair of daily podcasts planned for right here on as well. We have quite a few interviews with academic departments and educators from the recent GeoINT conference that we will be highlighting through the week along with a few posts about the joys of Geography. And as always we will have a special podcast episode on Wednesday for GIS Day. We will be kicking everything off tonight with Episode 278 that will highlight our conversation with Merrill Johnson of the University of New Orleans. Be sure to check it, and the rest of Geography Awareness Week content, out this week.

Also, along with Geography Awareness Week this is also American Education Week sponsored by the National Education Association.

Live show today at #esriuc

Last reminder (on the blog) that our 5th anniversary live show will be Wednesday night (7/14) at 5:30 in Room 30E. We will have great guests, lots of gaffes, and a little Great Big Sea playing in the background. While we will be announcing the winners of our 5th anniversary contest, we will also have a drawing for door prizes for those folks who attend. Door prizes will include an iPod Shuffle, Amazon gift certificate, ThinkGeek gift certificate, a flash drive with our logo, and who knows what else (I don’t, cause I forgot what else Sue and Frank suggested).

Hope to see you there!

Where to find us in San Diego

With a few thousand of us heading to San Diego I thought I would highlight where we will be during the week in case you want to check out some of the ‘jive we are laying down’. If you are a presenter or company interested in an interview, contact us via email, twitter, or skype and we will set something up.

Otherwise we will be getting our annual workout of running between sessions, to interviews, and around the Gas Lamp district.

avsp 5th Anniversary Live Show

We have finalized our line-up and plans for next week’s live show at the ESRI International User Conference. The show is in the book for 5:30PM on Wednesday (7/14) in room 30E of the San Diego Convention Center. There will be door prizes for those at the show including an iPod or 2 and gift certificates to Amazon, ThinkGeek and possibly a local eatery. We will also be announcing the winner of our 5th Anniversary Contest for a game console, though we won’t have that as a door prize. Schedules permitting we will have the following guests:

  • Stephanie Ayanian of the Geospatial Revolution Project
  • Don Murray and Dale Lutz of Safe Software, and
  • Elvin Slavik of Maptel and the ArcPad team
  • If we have enough WiFi bandwidth/signal we will stream the liveshow at uStream for those who can’t make it to San Diego, but we will definitely have the audio up for Episode 261 on July 19.

    We hope to see you at the #ESRIUC!

    Podcast moving to Monday through July

    Just a heads up that we are moving the release of the podcast to Monday evenings through the rest of the month due to travel and general craziness. We should be back to the normal Sunday evening schedule in August for your Monday morning listening pleasure.

    5th Anniversary Contest – Question 3

    On to the third of 5 questions. Remember, you can answer each question only once. A correct answer will mean an entry into the drawing for an XBOX 360 (answer all 5 questions correctly, you get 5 entries). All submissions must be in by midnight July 1, 2010. Additional contest details and restrictions can be found on the 5th anniversary contest page. Good Luck!
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