Reminder: Call for contributors

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Just a quick reminder that we are going to begin to review the submissions for potential contributors later this week. So far we have a great group of folks who have shown interest. If you would like to toss your map in the drawer (so to speak) then email me (at jesse at veryspatial dot […]

Need help finding a Seattle spot

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We are thinking of hosting a Geography meet up at the AAG in April to get a chance to meet some of you who will be in attendance of the conference or in the area. It will also be a chance to celebrate our 300th weekly episode which will come out the day after the […]

Call for blog contributors

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In the last 5.5 years we have gone from 2 people writing posts on the blog to 4, but the blog has, to date, been intended primarily to support the podcast. We have posted information that has excited us, things we didn’t have time for on the podcast, or topical information that didn’t fit […]

An early Happy New Year

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While we on the east coast of the US still have about 26 hours to go to get to January 1, some of you are already in the afternoon on December 31 and are probably already preparing for your New Year’s Eve suppers, parties, and other festivities. On this day when the Gregorian Calendar begins […]

Guilty as charged

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This week’s episode will be up Monday. I have been derelict in my editing duties due to a busy weekend visiting family and watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Come back in about 24 hours for this week’s conversation with Joel Campbell of ERDAS.

Welcome to GAW 2010

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We found our way back, once again, to Geography Awareness Week. As you are probably aware, this year’s theme is Freshwater and we will be touching on the topic in our guest post on the MyWonderfulWorld blog on Wednesday, but we have our standard fair of daily podcasts planned for right here on as […]

Live show today at #esriuc

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Last reminder (on the blog) that our 5th anniversary live show will be Wednesday night (7/14) at 5:30 in Room 30E. We will have great guests, lots of gaffes, and a little Great Big Sea playing in the background. While we will be announcing the winners of our 5th anniversary contest, we will also have […]

Where to find us in San Diego

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With a few thousand of us heading to San Diego I thought I would highlight where we will be during the week in case you want to check out some of the ‘jive we are laying down’. If you are a presenter or company interested in an interview, contact us via email, twitter, or skype […]

avsp 5th Anniversary Live Show

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We have finalized our line-up and plans for next week’s live show at the ESRI International User Conference. The show is in the book for 5:30PM on Wednesday (7/14) in room 30E of the San Diego Convention Center. There will be door prizes for those at the show including an iPod or 2 and gift […]