The episode will be up Monday, brought to you by post 3000

I think the lengthy title covers it, but due to a conference cold, travel today, and lack of sleep I won’t have the next episode (300) up until Monday evening. I will email the “countdown to 300” contest winners Monday morning to get addresses and such, but I can say that the Kindle will be going to Andrew from Whitman, MA…CONGRATS!!

This week we hit a foursome of 300’s

  • 300 weekly episodes
  • 300 Facebook fans
  • 300 tweets
  • 300(x10) blog posts
  • And hey, in just under 3 months, we get to celebrate 6 yrs…

    AAG is a blast

    So far we have recorded some great interviews, talked to some interesting folks, and attended good sessions…as well as working on articles, planning some research, and eating great food.

    However, we are here for a bit longer and look for to talking to some of you who here at the conference. If you would like to share your research, ideas, or food suggestions feel free to @ us twitter or email us.

    Also, Jesse, Sue, and Frank are each presenting on Thursday so swing by our sessions. Finally, we have a panel session on Saturday and Jeff and Barb will each by presenting as well.

    Hope to see you around the conference.

    VerySpatial at AAG 2011

    With the AAG taking place in just over 2 weeks in Seattle we are ramping up for a great conference. All of the VerySpatial regulars and many of the contributors who are coming on board will be there. As always we will be wandering in and out of sessions (including our own) and capturing interviews with those souls intrepid enough to speak into a microphone. If you have something going on at the AAG that you would like us to catch or if you like to arrange a conversation in advance please email me and we will see what we can do.

    Also, be sure to come by our panel session on Saturday morning (April 16) where we will talk about geospatial technology outreach: what is out there, who is doing it, and how you should be involved or whatever we actually end up talking about. The session will be at 10 AM in 618 – Washington State Convention Center, Level 6.

    Also, since I will be there in the audience, I would encourage everyone to check out the Geography Education Specialty Group’s Gail Hobbs Student Paper Competition on Wednesday afternoon (April 13) in Boren – Sheraton Hotel, Union Tower, Fourth Floor…or any of the student paper or poster competition sessions. There is always great content in these sessions.

    New Contributor – Barbaree Ash Duke

    We are happy to welcome our second new contributor today, Barbaree Ash Duke. Many of the posts she we will provide will also be available on her GIS in Education and Curriculum Integration blog. You can also check out her personal site to find out more about her on-going education activities

    Barbaree Ash Duke is an educational consultant in Curriculum Integration and GIS in Education based in Covington, LA. She is a veteran English Language Arts teacher in grades 6-12 as well as a technology and GIS educator. Barbaree earned her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English Language Arts at Baylor University in Waco, TX and taught for 15 years in Texas, Alabama and North Carolina. She’s presented nationally at GIS and technology education conferences, offers professional development as well as writes curriculum for K-12 classrooms. Her hands-on, realistic approach to education gives teachers and students a comfortable place to learn while offering fresh, practical ideas to improve the classroom environment.

    New Contributor – Jeff Dunn

    We will begin the process to adding in new contributors over the next month, but one of new blog contributors is someone we asked to join us. Jeff has been a friend of ours from his time at WVU where he completed his MA (after I think 2 BAs from other institutions). Here is his mandatory blurb:

    Jeff Dunn works as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Connecticut’s Map and Geographic Information Center/Connecticut State Data Center (MAGIC/CTSDC) and is also the Department of Geography’s GIS Certificate Administrative Assistant. Additionally, Jeff performs outreach to K-12 school teachers through the Connecticut Geographic Alliance in the form of workshops, presentations, and on site consultation. Jeff is a founding contributor to the blog “Outside the Neatline” hosted at the Map and Geographic Information Center and Connecticut State Data Center. Jeff likes to play with model trains, fly-fish, and work on his dissertation in his spare time.

    We would like to welcome Jeff and we look forward to introducing our other new contributors in the near future.

    North Carolina GIS Conference

    As I mentioned recently on the podcast I plan to attend the North Carolina GIS Conference on February 17 & 18th and I will definitely be at the Academic Assembly on Feb 16th. With that in mind if you woud like to have a chat while I am on site about a project you are working on (or presenting), a product you would like to highlight, or just to say hi I will have the mobile recording unit (not it isn’t a taser) so just shoot me an email. I will get back to you and arrange a time to meet and talk.

    While I am interested in talking to anyone for VerySpatial, I am especially interested in talking to folks who are using remote sensing data for a research project that I working on to highlight earth observation data, research and related activities.

    I hope to see you in Raleigh next week.

    Reminder: Call for contributors

    Just a quick reminder that we are going to begin to review the submissions for potential contributors later this week. So far we have a great group of folks who have shown interest. If you would like to toss your map in the drawer (so to speak) then email me (at jesse at veryspatial dot com) with the following information:
    Name, current position or experience with Geography or geospatial technologies, how often you would be interested in contributing, potential topics you would like to write about, and a writing sample of 300-500 words on a topic in Human Geography, Physical Geography, or any area of geospatial technology.

    Need help finding a Seattle spot

    We are thinking of hosting a Geography meet up at the AAG in April to get a chance to meet some of you who will be in attendance of the conference or in the area. It will also be a chance to celebrate our 300th weekly episode which will come out the day after the AAG wraps up. The main thing that we are missing right now is a place to hold said meet up. If you are in Seattle or familiar with the area around the Sheraton and Convention Center and have suggestions of a place that be used for a small meet up please email me or leave a comment on this post with your suggestion. I would like to keep the location within 4-5 blocks of the conference if possible and we will probably try to have it on Thursday or Friday night (April 14 or 15).

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    Call for blog contributors

    In the last 5.5 years we have gone from 2 people writing posts on the blog to 4, but the blog has, to date, been intended primarily to support the podcast. We have posted information that has excited us, things we didn’t have time for on the podcast, or topical information that didn’t fit in the podcast format. Now, however, we want to let the blog take on a life of its own.

    To that end we are looking for people who are involved with Geography and/or geospatial technologies in their daily lives to help us create content for the blog. We are looking for folks who have experience in various areas of geo to volunteer to contribute posts.

    We hope to broaden our blog topics through contributors who might be interested in writing one-shot posts and others who are interested in being regular contributors. The topical areas will be wide open to anything related to ‘geo’ including tech, culture, hazards, economy, bio, politics… you get the idea.

    We plan to increase the number of contributors from our current 4 (Sue, Frank, Barb and Jesse) to 6-8 regular contributors and a number of occasional or one-shot contributors with this call. With this growth we are moving to a editorial board that will review each post, this started as a way to help me check grammar instead of posting without reading what I wrote, but seemed like a good policy to implement across the board. I mention this since some folks (including me) are uncomfortable being edited.

    To apply to be a contributor please email us (at jesse at veryspatial dot com) by February 1 with the following details:
    Name, current position or experience with Geography or geospatial technologies, how often you would be interested in contributing, potential topics you would like to write about, and a writing sample of 300-500 words on a topic in Human Geography, Physical Geography, or any area of geospatial technology.