Episode 532…yeah I forgot that one

Sorry folks, we recorded Episode 532 as usual, then I forgot all about it due to a busy holiday week (aren’t they supposed to be relaxing or something?). As soon as I get a chance (Thursday night?) I will try to get the episode up. I deeply apologize for the delay.


Call for AAG panel members – New Media and Social Media for Geography

A decade ago we hosted our first panel on New Media in Geography at the AAG. I would like to revisit the topic this year in another panel that expands to include all of the ways that we informally publish/share information on the internet. There are many directions that the conversation could go, but I would like to focus on New & Social media:

  • in sharing knowledge/education
  • for presenting ideas
  • as a reinforcing aspects of the Geography community
  • Some of the conversation will inherently be historical in the discussion of growth, but hopefully we can get into use cases, best practices, and the always exciting anecdotes.

    If you are interested in participating please contact me via email (jesse at veryspatial .com) or on social networks @kindaspatial

    Trying every other week

    As mentioned in a previous post, we are trying some different things now that we have a decade behind us. We have been using a more conversational long format for the last few posts, for instance.

    Since we had to take a week off due to travel, we are going to continue the trend and release a podcast every other week. I am not sure how long this is going to last since I am already wondering why my weekend schedule is odd (not editing).

    These are all exploratory variations from our norm to figure out where we want to go/what we want to be moving forward. If you have any thoughts on our current trials or suggestions of what we might try please let us know!

    Podcast delayed

    With our (Sue and my) trip to Greece, we are going to be late this week or we may skip the week and pick up again next weekend. We have had a great time at the Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage and Tourism summer school offered by the University of the Aegean, in fact Sue is giving her last lecture of the field school as I type. If you are interested in digital archaeology it is a field school you may want to look into for next summer. It is an introductory level course, but as you can see from the program linked above, it covers a variety of topics.

    Have a good week!

    A decade later…

    So, our first blog post went up on 12 July, 2005 and our first full podcast went up on 24 July 2005. I think I will just go with silent reflection instead of long post. However, since we aren’t recording Episode 523 until Saturday morning, we may reflect less silently then…who knows.

    Thanks for listening whether you have been with us since the beginning or are just coming to podcasts!

    Last episode of the AAC version

    As mentioned in a post back in June, we will not release the AAC version of the podcast after Episode 522 and we will only release the podcast as an mp3. Most of you subscribe to the mp3 version anyway, but for those subscribed to the AAC version I will update the AAC feed to point to the mp3 feed on Wednesday or Thursday. There should be no interruption to your podcast subscription (fingers crossed), but there is a chance that your podcast reader/player will see the new feed as a new podcast and download a few of the previous episodes. Apologies for any inconvenience and as always, thanks for listening to the podcast!

    Updates and changes at VerySpatial

    With the 10th anniversary episode just a month away I thought I would let you know about a few items that are coming up.


  • Beginning in August we are switching back to mp3 distribution only. We added the AAC feed to deal with issues that some listeners were having with the mp3 files we were generating back in 2006 or ’07. I feel confident that our current export process is generating a standardized mp3 that should be readable across the board. In addition, I haven’t been able to spare the time to create chapter breaks in the AAC files for a few months (years?). This means that the only technical reason to offer an AAC feed isn’t being utilized and even just creating the AAC without chapters adds-on to my weekly production schedule. For those subscribed to the AAC feed I will point the AAC RSS feed to the mp3 feed so you shouldn’t have to do anything to continue to receive the podcast.
  • The podcast and blog content has been provided under a Creative Commons license since we started, but we have never updated the licensing. In August we are shifting to the current CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0. Not much of a change in terms of what you can do with the podcast, but it makes me happy to update from 2.5 to 4.0. All existing/archived content from the last decade will shift to the updated license.
  • Website

  • I tried to update the site before we hit Episode 500…it clearly didn’t happen. I plan to take a couple of days in mid-July to move us over to a new WordPress Theme that will maintain the blog as more of an archive and focus primarily on the podcast since that is the content we are generating. I will make sure that the RSS feed still picks up all posted material so those accessing VerySpatial through RSS shouldn’t have to make any changes.
  • We are looking for new contributors and interns to help us with site content (columns, posts, reviews, etc) and podcasts (guests, interviews, etc). If you are interested, please shoot me an email. We are still contemplating what to do after July, so jump in and share your thoughts.
  • Taking a break

  • Finally, we may take the month of August off. Not a definite, but a strong possibility. More in July as we make decisions. You have to admit that I am due a break after editing around 700 podcasts in 10 years (weekly, conference, special episodes, and video podcasts). I should probably count them all at some point.
  • That is it for this update, but there will be another in July as we get these updates and decisions made. Thanks for listening!