Investing in Farmville

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The Globe and Mail has an interesting Vox article on investing in Zynga, which has created free online social media games such as Farmville on Facebook versus other social media applications. It hearkens me back to the Internet investment boom of the 1990’s when investors took the first steps and risks to invest in new […]

Cicadas, Locusts, and Mapping

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Throughout history, cicada and locusts have produced fascination, food, and frustration, among other f words. The Cicada Mania site “Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.” provides TONS of information on cicadas. Other calls for citizen scientists include those of University of Georgia, Dept. of Entomology, asking for pictures and locations of […]

The Royal Wedding and Neogeography

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One of the most fascinating aspects of how the media is covering the upcoming U.K. Royal Wedding, is the use of geospatial tools, social media, and almost every bell and whistle they can think up to build interest and momentum in the event. It is a good contrast to the way huge media coverage was […]

iPhone Tracker

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There have been a number of posts today about the fact that the iPhone is storing cell tower connections in its backups and that you can get access to that data using the iPhone Tracker app (for Mac). The image here shows my trip last week to Seattle. Since I am generally streaming my location […]

Caching into Writing

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Geocaching isn’t just for science class or the serious geography geek! A cache is simply a hiding place, and caching is hiding something like a treasure. Nature is full of treasures waiting to be explored. A popular movement called “geocaching” gets folks outside with their GPS units to find treasures hidden by other geocachers. If […]