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We now show that the podcast has been downloaded at least 30 times by someone other than me. For those of you coming to download AVSP for the first time or checking out the site after you have listened to the podcast, I encourage you to send us an email at to let us know what you think and what you would like us to cover in the future. We plan to spend the next couple of episodes discussing the technology out there right now and how it is being used everyday as well as in research arenas (ours primarily 🙂 ). We look forward to hearing from you!

Release of Microsoft Virtual Earth Beta

The beta version of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth has gone live at

So far, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that Google Earth can boast, and I think that the black and white imagery doesn’t match up to Google’s color imagery. It may be that Microsoft is working on some additional unique functionality, but so far, it isn’t that impressive, given what’s already out there.

MSN Virtual Earth – A sad reality

The beta is up and Microsoft has NOT caught up to Google. My three largest issues with this are, in no particualr order:

-Pulling B&W imagery
-Vector overlays on imagery are weak…i.e. too transparent
-No API (at least yet)

One nice thing might be the scratchpad if they take in the right direction.

That is it, hopefully Sue will give more thought to her description…

Show notes for AVSP Episode 01

This episode is generally an introduction of things to come. We will be focusing on Geography and geospatial technologies, with an eye to bring a discussion of Geography to a broader audience. With the ever broadening use of geospatial technologies such as internet mapping and GPS this clearly a good time to try to share how these technologies have grown out of geographic traditions. Continue reading “Show notes for AVSP Episode 01”