Skype-in, skip the email and leave us a voice mail

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We have set up a Skype voice mailbox just as we said we would…5 weeks ago. So, for those of you on Skype, send your comments and questions to my account at jesse-veryspatial and if you aren’t on Skype just pick up your phone and call 304-756-8125. As with any VOIP the sound quality isn’t […]

Associations/Groups – International Geographical Union

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The International Geographical Union is an academic organization intended to overcome the national and regional divides between geographers. They host an International Geographical Congress every 4 years, the last was Glasgow, Scotland in August 2004, with regional and topical conferences between. In there own words: The International Geographical Union has the following aims: to promote […]

Hobu Podcast 2 out now

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I noticed this yesterday, but I completely forgot to blog it. Howard Butler’s second podcast is out and he interviews James Fee of the popular Spatially Adjusted blog. They discuss a good bit of the state of GIS and a nice interlude where they discussed the joys of command line ArcInfo and the explosion of […]