Associations/Groups – The Canadian Association Of Geographers

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The Canadian Association of Geographers is the main professional organization for Geographers from the public and private sectors in Canada. They are active in disseminating geographic research and promoting geographic education. They have 14 study groups that focus on specific areas ranging from marine studies to diversity and 5 regional divisions. Annual membership includes 4 […]


Putting Shapefiles into Virtual Earth

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We received an email from a Redmond employee who created a Virtual Earth shapefile loader. This has been pointed to by several sites including James at Spatially Adjusted. If I hadn’t been a slacker for the last week I would have already blogged it… Direct Link Spatially Adjusted: Putting Shapefies into Virtual Earth


RSS Aggregator vs visiting site

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I have gone back and forth between using an aggregator (currently SharpReader) and just going to the web sites of my various sites. The great thing about an aggregator is that you don’t have to worry about wandering from page to page, folks can send you RSS links or OPMLs for you to import and […]

Remote Sensing

PixelSense 742

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We here at VerySpatial have received our first honest to goodness press release! What is more, its for an actually useful product. Pixel742 generates distributable GeoTIFFs from Landsat bands 7, 4, & 2 to create a Natural color output. There is a demo but I haven’t plyed with it yet. PixelSense 742