DepthQ stereo projector from In Focus/RealD/Stereographics

I have been waiting to get my hands on one before I blogged this. Clearly I have one, a demo unit from ShaperTechnology, and it lives up to its hype. This is a 800×600, 1600 Lumens DLP projector that can project active stereo images at 120 MHz. This means that when used in conjunction with a stereo capable graphics card and a pair of stereo glasses & emitter you perceive the view in 3D. Traditionally, this would require a large $60k projector or the use of 2 projectors but the DepthQ is a portable $4k projector.

How is this related to Geography? Both in my research and at work we use a significant amount of 2.5D (surface based) geovisualization. By viewing a scene in stereo it allows for a more immersive experience than the traditional 2D views. Any kind of stereo can give this perception, but active stereo is often considered the best for many situations. The other stereo options are passive stereo, 2 projectors with a polarized filter, and anaglyph stereo, generally the red and blue glasses.

So far we have just been using the standard stereo in ArcScene, but we will test it with a few other apps, but I think it is pretty cool.


Skype-in, skip the email and leave us a voice mail

We have set up a Skype voice mailbox just as we said we would…5 weeks ago. So, for those of you on Skype, send your comments and questions to my account at jesse-veryspatial and if you aren’t on Skype just pick up your phone and call 304-756-8125. As with any VOIP the sound quality isn’t the best, but it is sound 🙂 We apologize for the fact that it is a long distance number, but most people have free long distance on cell phones now and this also gives you a reason to go download Skype.

I will not answer Skype calls even if I am online, I let everything go to voice mail. I am not trying to be rude, but I do need to graduate some day :-O