Ummm…yeah. So today, I skipped the morning, but sat in on a session in the afternoon on erosion and runoff (under the soil physics section – S01). I have only recorded on interview so far and it doesn’t sound great. We were standing in front of a poster (use of handheld hyperspectral sensors in recording soils information in a profile) in a room that was quite busy, 2 people talking right next to us, and, most importantly, recorded with the iPod. I will try to clean it up, but I will try to corner people in quieter areas. Another poster presenter I wanted interview was presenting on soil in subacqueous landscape, but I didn’t want to seem like a stalker.

Today’s posters were a little more interesting to me, plenty of geography, especially geostats, most of which were out of Florida, Sabine Grunwald’s lab I would guess since she was second author on a few. Tomorrow there is a session on geospatial tech and soils that will be attending. Til then.


Earth Observation and Geospatial Technology for Civil Society…EOGEO is somewhat related to our topic of community mapping this week as their mission is to “provide rapid access to geospatial data content, tools, and services for NGOs, aid agencies, charities, and individuals via the internet and electronic media.” The projects the nonprofit is working on include:

  • FreeGIS Book
  • Landsat Access
  • GeoRSS Wiki
  • These are just some of the web based projects included on the site. To find out more about the EOGEO efforts or how you can become involved or support EOGEO visit


    I am skipping out on sessions right now, but I will head back in a few. Salt Lake City is still a nice town (I was here in March for the NRCS cultural resource specialists meeting). The conference seems a little smaller than I expected since it is three groups at one conference. I am use to the 4000 or more people wandering around at the Society for American Archaeology and Association of American Geographers conferences.

    Also, there are a lot of posters, in fact it seems to be a 1:1 ratio between presenters and posters (I might do the math later if I get bored enough).

    Stay away from the red licorace…I mean Ep 16

    I uploaded the podcast before I left, and just downloaded it to make sure it was ok…it is not. We will try to get an uncorrupted version up as soon as possible. Until then I will try to break the link so that folks don’t keep downloading the bad file.

    Leaving on a jet plane…

    I leave this morning for SLC for the ASA-SSSA-CSSA (just think soils) conference (sitting in the Pittsburgh airport already). I will attempt to do a wrap up each day and if I can bring myself to interview folks I may put up podcast SE03 Wednesday or Thursday. Since I am sure you are all rushing over to add yourself to our community map, if you are a geoblogger go ahead and add yourself to Mateusz Ã…?oskot’s GIS Bloggers map