Google Earth Changing the Way Scientists Collaborate

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A pretty interesting article in talks about how free tools like Google Earth are changing the way scientists collaborate on projects. The best quote comes from Michael Goodchild when he says, “‘It’s like the effect of the personal computer in the 1970s, where previously there was quite an élite population of computer users,’ Goodchild […]

Spidy Tracer for real

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Anyone who has followed Spiderman knows about the Spidy Tracer – a device that Spiderman can throw at his enemies which allows him to trace bad guys wherever they go. Apparently somone at the LA Police Department is a big Spiderman fan, because they’ve started using GPS unit they can propel at cars to track […]

New Location Based Services in Japan

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A company called Mapion has launched a new service that lets phone users point at a building, click, and find out what’s in that building.  If your phone is GPS and integrated compass enabled, you can wonder around the streets of Tokyo pointing and clicking all over the place to find out what’s in what […]

World Of Warcraft Google Map

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I’ve mentioned on the podcast my interest in virtual worlds and gaming worlds in particular.  Here’s a google map that details the World of Warcraft atlas.  They’ve actually attributed the map pretty well and the ‘arial photography’ is pretty decent!

Most Earth-like Planet Detected

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Continuing last week’s podcast “space theme”, CNN has this story about astronomers using new techniques to discover the most Earth-like planet found yet. From the story, “an international team has detected a cold planet about 5-1/2 times more massive than Earth — still small enough to be considered Earth-like — orbiting a star about 20,000 […]

Mapping Video Games

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I personally find virtual worlds mapping an interesting niche in the mapping world.  Most world builders have no real training in any sort of geographic principles, so I find it facinating how they link various geographic regions together in world.  Here’s an interesting site that shows maps for vintage video games (and a couple of not […]