GPS Visualizer

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Here’s a pretty cool free application for anyone heavily into using your GPS unit. You can upload your GPS data to via typing in coordinates, street addresses, or uploading a file, and this tool will output a map showing your route. The really cool thing is that you can output to a pretty decent set […]

All Hail Data!

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An interesting blog post at ZDNet talks about an issue we’ve discussed both in the blog and in the podcast. As the blog suggests, data has the upper hand in this Mashup marriage between tools and data. Without data, these wonderful Mashups wouldn’t be able to function. It’s a pretty interesting and short read. I […]

JGrass Version 2.0 Released!

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JGrass is a java framework based version of the free GIS package Grass. The idea behind JGrass is to make the Grass system more up to date and portable across different desktop environments. Grass is nice but it’s tied strongly to various versions of Linux (although there IS a Windows and a Mac version available!) […]

Mapquest Has New API

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All the buzz in the spatial blogs is the new API by Mapquest. From the site, “The MapQuest OpenAPI is a free service that allows you to use JavaScript to easily integrate routing, geocoding and mapping into your website. With this feature-rich API you can create dynamic routing and mapping applications for personal or community […]

MASHUP Camp 2 Already Planned!

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Apparently the MASHUP camp was so successful that they’re already planning a second camp! There’s over 300 people already signed up to the camp. So if you’re interested, I’d at least put my name on the lists ASAP since space appears to be semi-limited. They don’t see to know exactly where the camp will be […]

Desktop Earth

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At the risk of getting known for fluff pieces, I thought this was pretty cool.  Desktop Earth allows you to generate a desktop wallpaper image up to 1920×1200 in lossless PNG format of NASA’s Blue Marble Next and Earth’s City Lights data.  There’s an online version to generate a single PNG and a desktop version […]