Comparing the mapping services

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The folks over at TechCrunch have put together a pretty good comparison of the various mapping services out there today. It’s a pretty quick rundown, but I think the chart sums up the features nicely. It should be interesting to see what (if anything) changes when a more GIS-centric organization like ESRI enters into the […]

California Car Culture Could Heighten Earthquake Woes

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Sorry for the excessive alliteration there, but it sums up this article quite nicely, I think. It appears that the infrastructure that surrounds car ownership does more than generate excessive amounts of smog. Carports, garages, overpasses and the like could pose a significant risk to California residents should a massive earthquake like San Francisco’s 1906 […]

Gospel of Judas Found

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This is rather off the beat and path from our normal news, but I thought it was interesting given the National Geographic Society’s involvement. Apparently a National Geographic Society expedition has discovered a leather wrapped papyrus manuscript written in Greek in Egypt. This manuscript featuring what is believed to be the gospel according to Judas […]

An Imaginary City in Detail

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This is kind of off the beat from normal geography stuff, but this guy in France who is 28 and is autistic has created a detailed city named Urville from his imagination. He has a detailed geography, culture, politics, history, and economics for the city, as well as a few hundred drawings of the city! […]

Near Real Time Tracking of the Stars

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No, not the celestial type… movie stars! You can track movie stars in near real-time via a Google Map. While on the surface this might appear to be a normal Frank Fluff piece, in reality this is a rather grave development. It brings to the forefront the idea that people’s movements can be tracked an […]