One Really Big Game

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We don’t normally post computer game information here, but this one is noteworthy, I think. You play the part of a secret agent who runs around a geographic area doing missions. The noteworthy part is that the map is 390 square miles! In gaming perspective, the largest single player game made thus far is only […]

Where’s Tim?

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Tim lives in Lawerence, Kansas. He likes to travel. For instance, last tuesday, Tim traveled 103.25 miles to Prairie Village Kansas. How do I know this? Because Tim uploads his GPS location every 15 minutes and posts it on his Google Map! You can download the data into Google Earth and watch where Tim goes […]

Follow the money!

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This is a nice mashup for the politically minded out there. You input your zipcode and it spits back a map showing political contrabutions to either of the two major parties during the 2004 Presidential election. It’s rather interesting to see how much was garnered by each party in your area. We warned, it looks […]

Imagery For The Nation

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Keith at the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority sent me an email (woohoo! I promise not to complain about it anymore!) about the National States Geographic Information Council’s “Imagery For The Nation (PDF)” initiative. The idea is to consolidate all the various ortho-imagery initiatives in the Federal government into one big batch. Then imagery can […]