LAPD Get their Spidey Tracer!

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If you read the blog regularly, you’ll know my facination with the “Spidey Tracer”. (in truth, I’m facinated with all super gadgets… Batman is my hero!) Now the LAPD will jump on the spidey tracer fun bandwagon with Virginia-based company StarChase’s new laser homing dart GPS. The dart can be launched by chase vehicles onto […]

Hurricane Simulator

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For people in the interior of countries, the difference between a category 2 hurricane and a category 3 hurricane might not be all that aparent. That’s why the good people at the Associated Press have hosted this handy, dandy Hurricane Simulator! The simulator features a 3D model of some trees, a house, and a mobile […]

See Inside Storms

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With Hurricane season begun here in the US and the after effects of Katrina still being felt, Live Science is reporting a pretty cool new technology. A new radar satellite shows pretty good images of what happens inside storms systems. Right now they’re only in the test stage and can’t be used really this year, […]