Google City Tours

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Google labs has launched a neat new feature called City Tours.  The idea is similar to other sites (like Microsoft’s BING!) in that you can enter in a destination and the site will give you a bunch of things to do there.  What’s nice is you get it all laid out on Google Maps, with […]

Broadband Penetration by Country

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As many long-time listeners will know, I exceptionally intersted in broadband adoption world-wide.  The US has long been behind the ball on broadband adoption and this latest report does nothing to reverse that trend.  The US is ranked 20th, behind even places like Singapore, Denmark, and even Estonia, all places I’m sure most Americans wouldn’t […]

Autodesk’s Project Dragonfly

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Autodesk has a pretty cool new toy – Dragonfly!  The program is an online CAD like tool that allows you to map interior spaces.  You can use it to get an idea of how a room decoraction is going to go, or possiblly what can be done with a remodel.  Perhaps best of all, you […]

Teleatlas’s Advanced City Models

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Engadget has a pretty cool article on Teleatla’s new “Advanced City Models”.  This is a direct result of all the consolidation happening in the imagery market.  A bit from TomTom, a bit from Navteq, mix liberally and you get these new 3D maps for end users to use in navigation and terrorism.  Check out the […]