Cops Can’t Track Car with GPS Without Warrent

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation had an interesting piece about two weeks ago that I just ran across.  The Supreme Court of Massachusetts recently ruled that it is against their state constitution for the police to track a vehicle using GPS without court approval.  The interesting thing here is that the crux of their rationale is that the […]

EGNOS Goes Active

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The precursor to the EU’s Galileo satellite positioning, EGNOS is now live for 27 EU states!  The basic idea behind the system is to take the US’s GPS system and make it more accurate – from 60 feet to 6 feet.  This will be a big boon to navigation system in the EU since they’re […]

Want more jobs in the US? Get rural broadband

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Here’s an interesting bit of geographic news from the USDA – rural counties with broadband tend to have more jobs and those jobs are better paying.  Another fascinating finding is that households above the same income level tend to have broadband.  Rural-urban differences become non-existant above a certain level.  There are also some regional differences, […]

Eye-Fi SD Card Adds Geotagging to Pics

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Engadget is reporting the release of Eye-Fi’s new WiFi enabled SD card.  It provided automatic geotagging for life for all your pictures.  The product is designed specifically to work with iPhoto and all things Mac, which should be an exceptionally nice integration into iPhoto 09’s new geotagging features with ‘Places’.  The press release is a […]

Some thoughts on making the UC better

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The ESRI sessions are a great place to really see what the people in our field are doing.  The diversity is really inspiring.  Occasionally I’ll get the random person who’ll ask, “What can you do with GIS?”  I’d love to have a copy of the User Conference program to whip out when that happens and […]

ESRI UC Day 2 Roundup – Couple of Sessions

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I caught a few sessions and two in particular I thought were worth taking notes.  The first is about return on investments and calculating them for government.  Ultimately the presentations weren’t that strong on this topic in that session, but there was a wealth of information about how local governments can develop GIS even on […]

ESRI Live Blogging of Plenary

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Live blogging – all times PST and I’ll try to get pictures up as quick as possible. 8:39 – Meet the people around you.  I met a nice guy from the ESRI surfaces office out of Denver named Jonathan.  He’s involed in the aerospace group out of that office 8:40 – Jack’s running down the […]