Rock And Roll Metro Map

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This is a pretty cool example of a map that shows aspatial information – the Rock and Roll Metro Map.  It looks like a metro map, showing the connections between various rock artists.  You’ve gotta love the combination of two of my favorite things – maps and music. You can quibble with a few of […]

Moved 10 Feet to the Left

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Wired news is reporting that modern GPS sensors have be able to determine the Chilean city of Concepcion has been moved 10 feet to the west from the recent earthquake.  Apparently this area is prime area for seismic activity due to its location over a subduction zone.  The hope by researchers is to quickly get more GPS stations on the […]

ArcGIS 9.4 Canceled! Ok, not exactly.

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That was just a plug for me getting the most alarming header title for 2010.  ArcGIS 9.4 isn’t exactly canceled, it just been upgraded to 10!  The next release of Arc will be Arc 10.  You can read the details on this page, and check out what Jack has to say about it in this […]

Can US Senators Draw Their Own State?

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National Geographic has a really cool geography awareness week challenge for US Senators – can you draw your home state and give three points of interest within it?  Thus far, only a few Senators have replied with their drawings.  It should be no surprise that Al Franken is one of them, since he can draw all 50 […]