Don’t Go North, It Will Take Longer!

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Or so people believe, studies show.  Wired News is reporting a couple of experimental studies that suggest people think “North” is a harder route to travel than “South”, even when moving in a fairly localized area.  The perception, apparently, is that North is uphill and South is downhill.  On trips to North Carolina, when I was […]

The Biggest Game Worlds

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Years and years ago, Jesse, Sue, and I had a discussion about the size of game worlds.  The image represents a pretty impressive rundown of the sizes of various current games.  I was impressed at some of the sizes and had no idea some were that large! Jesse update: There was a question of the […]

Internet Operating System?

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A couple of days ago, Tim O’Reilly published an interesting piece entitled “The State of the Internet Operating System” I’m not going to say a whole lot about it, other than to say it touched on a lot of areas.  He talked about mobile, location based services, platform integration, abstractions, and a bunch of other […]