The State of Mapping APIs.

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Adam DuVander over at O’Reilly has written a decent summation article on the current state of mapping apis in the world.  It’s a short read and highlights some issues, but I think the more important take-away is the lack of cross pollination between geographers and internet mappers.  He doesn’t even discuss ESRI’s api, for instance, and it […]

Facebook Discovers Places Exist

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Alright, I admit I stretched a bit for that headline.  However, the important bit is that Facebook has now added Places to it’s features.  Places allow you to tag where you’re at when you post status updates.  On the benign side of the coin (that’s the Harvey Dent one for you DC nerds reading), this […]

Photos from this year’s ESRI UC!

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I just got a new camera for the UC and I took a boatload of pictures.  Like most people with too powerful a camera pared with tool lightweight a skillset (GIS people can relate to this), most of my product was junk.  However a few interesting pictures did make it through the trash heap into […]

Light Bulbs to Get New Labels

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The FTC is mandating that in 2011, light bulbs get new labels that emphasis luminosity more so that watts.  If you take a look at the labels shown at the link, it features quit a bit of new information to help buyers determine the best bulb for their needs.  The emphasis on lumens over watts is a good change, as it’s […]