They had me at ‘Help Me Obi-Wan’

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Engadget has a link to this really cool video demoing using iOS’s String Augmented Reality SDK and the Microsoft Kinect together. The video mentions a few potential uses, but it is a pretty cool combination of technology. Is 3D going to become the new Mashup? For me, the obvious high point is when he makes […]

Multitouch Table on the Cheap

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Ok, maybe not ‘cheap’… but a lot less than the Microsoft Surface. Engadget reports about a new product by a company named Merel that has created a multitouch table for a bargain basement $3,995. That’s a steal! It’s got a 3.2ghz Quad Core processor, 720p 32 inch display, and a dedicated Radeon HD video card […]

New Pyramids Found Through Remote Sensing

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Finding new pyramids in Egypt! Apparently a team out of NASA used IR cameras to find underground rooms of 17 new pyramids. It also found 1,000 tombs and 3,000 new settlements. Archeology through remote sensing. What’s cooler than THAT? Indiana Jones would be jealous 🙂

Emergency Location to the Centimeter

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It makes sense that emergency response can be quicker and more efficient if they know exactly where to go. GPS is ok, but being off even 10m can be too much. Australia’s Ergon Energy has teamed with Nokia and Samsung to create a system that’s cheap and versatile enough to find callers down to the […]

World’s First GLONASS Smartphone

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In a world where GPS enabled smartphones are as passe as intermittent wipers on cars and coffee makers with clocks in them, it’s neat to read some exciting new location based technology news. It’s inevitable that phones would begin to launch with alternative location infrastructures than GPS, but I have to say I’m slightly shocked […]

Getting rid of all Left Turns

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Some transportation engineers at NS State University have published a new study that shows left turns aren’t needed.  We can create what are called “superstreets” that allow only right hand turns.  This improves both travel times and safety, not to mention fuel economy.  This isn’t exactly a new idea.  Michigan already has this type of […]