It’s 2025…what are you doing?

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Imagine being asked to form a discussion group with your friends to decide what life should be like in 2025? Okay, now imagine that with no Star Trek references. Science Horizons UK is a government group asking UK citizens to do that just and submit their information to the government. Its a year long project […]

The Future of Mobiles in the U.K.

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This BBC article on the future of mobile phones in Europe is interesting because it talks about technologies that are used in Japan and the U.S. such as “”buddy finders” that alert you when a friend is in the same area or systems that track your morning run to show you how many kilometres you […]

Browse a virtual newsstand

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The Newseum, the interactive museum of news in Washington D.C., has a map with links to the front pages of newspapers worldwide. Its like browsing a virtual newsstand with bigger print. For example, I found that rents are set to increase by 20% in Sydney Australia. It’s another great place for news junkies to get […]

Animal Tracks

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An interesting article in the BBCl on tracking snow leopards by satellite led me to other interesting sites. You can adopt a cute loggerhead turtle complete with satellite tracker on its head and a google map. “On a North Carolina beach, researchers fix satellite tracking devices on 300-pound loggerhead turtles that come ashore to lay […]

Man vs. Machine

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A series of articles in the U.K. Daily Mail illustrate the importance of public and media attitudes towards GIS. According to the Daily Mail, “The AA has apologised to an angry mum who they left stranded in her broken down car on a dark isolated country road after the “disgraceful” motoring organisation told them they […]

Unusual and Imaginary Maps

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I found reference to the National Toilet Mapping Project, as well as some sites mentioned on Very Spatial such as the map of Springfield at Humbolt University. They also have links to the Lunar Real Estate Finder which matches up any address with its corresponding place on the moon, the starwars, startrek, narnia, lord of […]

National Public Toilet Map

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Although at first glance the title of the article might seem humorous, it is very important. “The Australian Government has provided $31 million to the Department of Health and Ageing, since 1999 to fund the National Continence Management Strategy program.The National Public Toilet Map Project is apart of that strategy. The National Public Toilet Map […]

Happy Halloween

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Here are some serious and some funny uses of GIS for Halloween. According to a Texas news report a county in Texas has seen an increased use of a sex offender database by parents around Halloween. Brazos County has developed the Bryan Geographical Information System to keep track of registered sex offenders in the county. […]

We will rock you (planetary)

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There is an article in CNN today about Brian May from Queen. “He gave up his PHD studies in interplanetary dust to help form Queen but now, almost four decades on, he has come full circle to co-write “Bang! The Complete History of the Universe” with astronomers Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott. “To me it […]