More Geo…rgous Gifts

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It seems like once you start looking geo gifts are everywhere. Here is a topology ring which “encircle the finger like hills and valleys circumnavigating the globe” also in the topography theme is a torquise ring which looks like “any given segment of a topographical map”. I don’t know how much they really resembe topography, […]

Ocean update: Walrus and Norsemen

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Several articles in the BBC wrap up GIS related posts that were made earlier in this blog. The first is scientists tracking walrus migration using satellite tags. Over the past several months, the BBC has kept an on-line journal and map highlighting the adventures of scientists “in the wild”. The best quote is, “One year, […]

Friendly Floaties

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If you haven’t ever heard of this really fantastic story of the “friendly floaties” you need to check it out. Oceanographers have been tracking the bathtub toys for over fifteen years, using it to predict then prove many theories about currents. Wikipedia sums it up succinctly, “Seattle oceanographers Curtis Ebbesmeyer and James Ingraham, who were […]

Now that’s advertising…

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The UK Daily Mail is reporting on an advertisement that can only be seen from the air by passengers flying at Gatwick airport. It brings up many spatial rights and use issues since the town is fining the company that created it while they maintain, “We are operating quite within our rights. We produce adverts […]


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It took ten years and four universities to create some really cool 3D models of ancient Rome called Rome Reborn. It’s not just the 3D images that are fascinating but also the works in progress pictures they took of themselves during the project. It illustrates the detailed work involved in what many people think should […]

Eat Local

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The benefits of eating locally has been in the news lately. I decided to look up what I would have to do to eat locally. 100 mile diet uses google maps to give you a 100 mile local eating radius. It actually includes more places than I thought and redefines by limited definition of local. […]

The future of GIS technology

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Inspired by an old Numb3rs episode on schools and rfid, I started to see what GIS related technologies are being used in schools. According to the BBC, a U.K. based company, Edexcel, has created technology to rfid tag exam papers. U.S. company, aptly named Graffiti Tracker inc. has created technology to track, analyze, and reduce […]

Angelina Jolie and Geographic Tattoos

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It’s all over the tabloid news. Angelina Jolie showing off her new tattoos – geographical map coordinates of her children’s country of birth. Does anyone want to check that they are correct? What is funny is the amount of bloggers and journalists asking “what do they mean” and “the secret of angelina’s tattoos revealed”. She’s […]