Walking on Steep Terrain

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Researchers have verified what you probably do naturally on a steep slope – walk zig-zag. According to MSNBC, researchers at University of Southampton UK, found that zigzagging is the fastest way up or down a steep slope. Appropriately the university has its own hillwalking club. Deputy Dog has a list of the steepest streets in […]

Great Backyard Bird Count

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Are you participating in the The Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend? Led by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, with sponsorship from Wild Birds Unlimited citizen scientists of all ages from around North America count the birds in their community to better understand bird dynamics, population change, weather,… Besides the cute […]

Creating memories using maps

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I read a Momania article from last year called “Google mapping the ones you love” which explains how their family uses Google maps and other technology to help their “kids feel connected to their father when he travels for business”. So I went looking for other ways you can show someone they are very spatial […]

Advanced Polar Ship

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According to the BBC, “European ship designers are currently working on what is billed as the “most advanced polar research vessel in the world” appropriately called the Aurora Borealis. They will use an advanced GPS system but are undecided between the European Galileo system, the Russian Glosnass or American GPS system. Many people might not […]

World Map Wall Mural

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Keeping in the spirit of anyday gifts here is a neat $100 13 foot x 18 foot world map mural that shows “Major cities, World Time Zone, Land Elevation and Distances, Up-to-Date Political Boundaries, Ocean Depths & Shipping Lane, Nautical Miles/ Longitude & Latitude ” I think it might be the same one used here […]

Tea Towels

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Finding the license plate map of the U.S.A made me want to look up another great nostalgic geo gift: souvenier map tea towels. Here are some recent tea towel maps of Australia, and for a twist here is a site with vintage map tea towels and tableclothes! I tried to locate information on how much […]