Virtual Gingerbread House

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This might be stretching the term virtual bit far, but at Apartment Therapy they posted about a virtual gingerbread house created by Jenny B. harris at Allsorts studio on Etsy. She also has a Christmas Dress Up Doll and some other activities. It’s really fun to decorate your gingerbread house but when I first clicked […]

Geography Themed Weddings

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I love Crafster. It’s a great place to get ideas and see how creative people can be. It’s amazing how much geography can inexpensively personalize a wedding. I liked this 100% DIY Punk Rock Wedding everything in it is cool but especially how they used local street names to label the tables. Several people used […]

A Loo with a View

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Plenty of places are talking about the new picture book A Loo with a View by Luke Barclay which features the world’s tops toilet views. What I find most interesting is that 1) He was able to do it in under two years, 2) He’s looking for submissions from other people, 3)he has a history […]

Webkinz and Maps

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I played Webkinz all weekend with my nephew. It’s a cute stuffed toy with a code to enter a virtual environment with tons of interactive games. Many schools use Webkinz as an educational tool or as a reward for good behavior. Gantz, the makers of Webkinz list the reasons why virtual world is educational but […]

GIS and the art of LEGO

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According to this CNN, a former lawyer is making a living out of creating Lego structure art. If a lawyer can do it, can you imagine what a person with a GIS background could do. What if there was an ARC or other spatial Lego software? Anyone already doing something using GIS and Legos? You […]

GIS, CAD, and Cruiseships

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When looking for more information on the world’s biggest cruise ship, I found a great blog on GIS CAD Interoperability aptly called “GIS CAD Interoperability” GIS and CAD are some of the tools used to design cruise ships which are essentially floating cities. When you watch a video of the world’s biggest cruise ship, Oasis […]

More uses for twitter

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This story has been covered in many places. On the Chronicle’s Wired Campus it says that a quick thinking journalism graduate student at Berkeley taking pictures of a protest in Egypt sent out a Twitter that simply said “arrested” . His twitter network were able to get in touch with the U.S. embassy and his […]

A new use for Google Earth

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The Daily Mail UK always seems to have articles on really funny uses of geospatial mapping. Like this article about a woman who hasn’t taken care of her front lawn and it can be seen from satellite on Google Earth. It redefines being a modern day Gladys Kravitz or Taylor Doose Kidding aside, I wonder […]

A true armchair traveler

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I found the CNN news story about a Lonely Planet writer who wrote about Brazil, Colombia, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Chile and South America possibly without ever leaving San Francisco fascinating. Although it harkens back to the 1700 -1900’s when some travel writers wrote completely inaccurate travel guides about countries they had never seen, technology has […]