Mobile Gulf Observatory

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Discovery News and Treehugger are reporting on the new citizen scientist MOGO iphone app which lets the users can “take photos of oiled or dead wildlife, tar balls and oil slicks and upload them into the database which pinpoints their location for rescue workers”. Science for is a blog that can matches up potential […]

Play Me, I’m Yours: Piano Location and Art

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When is geography art, when an artist chooses to scatter them throughout cities such as Sao Paulo, Brazil; Sydney, Australia; London, England; and Barcelona, Spain.According to CNN, artist Luke Jerram and charitable organization Sing for Hope placed 60 newly refurbished pianos in public spaces throughout the city’s five boroughs.

Now that is fan(tastic) dedication

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GIS experts make really cool fans, especially when locations are involved. Unlike other types of fans who are limited to writing fanfic or posting comments about their favorite show, GIS experts can literally guide you through a universe. Apartment Therapy posted about Jonah M. Adkins, GISP Newport News, Virginia spent four (4)! years creating a […]

GIS- Golf Industry Show

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GIS has more than one meaning for the Golf Industry Show and education conferences that is going to occur in February 2011. The use of geospatial technologies in the golf industry has exploded in recent years with companies like GolfLogix, Inc. who created the first handheld GPS device for the golf industry, out of where […]

Dave Rumsey Historical 3D Maps

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The Dave Rumsey site has a cool Web based 3D GIS viewer with historic maps like the Lewis and Clark Expedition and an 1880’s map of Los Angeles basin. The maps can also be viewed on Google Earth viewer. They provide a video of the 3D process. E-perimetron has an article on “3D digitization of […]

Geography, the environment, and sales

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The intertwined nature of geography and environment often produces some of the quirkiest product posts on Treehugger‘s popular environmental blog. In the past week, Tom’s Shoes has unveiled the Map Shoe has a map of Africa design to fund a hand-drilled well in North West Ethiopia. The incentive is that it is a limited edition […]

Law and Order and Geography

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MSNBC has an insightful article “New York Gets a Starring Role” on the impact Law and Order has had on New York City. According to Randee Dawn, “”Law & Order” currently shoots 170 days of the year — including location and stage days — in the city. Meanwhile, each show in the franchise (“Criminal Intent” […]

Topographic Rugs

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According to Apartment Therapy, there is not only one but TWO topographic themed rug collection designers out there right now. They say that Austrian designer Florian Pucher was inspired by the ariel topography of farmland and tulip fields to create his Land Carpet collection. Designer Liz Eeuwes was also inspired by tulip fields and agriculture […]

Tutor/Mentor Connection

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One of the great things about comments sections on blogs is that they often contain great follow-up information. Because of a post about mapping philanthropy, I was introduced to a great interactive website called Tutor/Mentor that uses Google maps to show where tutor/mentor programs are located, poorly performing schools, churches, Boundaries of Chicago zip codes, […]

Mapping philanthropy

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I spend a lot of time looking for grants, reading about requests for proposals, and generally immersed in all things “soft money”, so it was I was excited to find The Foundation Center‘s Philanthropy In/Sight tool. The Foundation Center states that, “It’s the essential tool that grantmakers, policymakers, researchers, and academics are using to visualize […]