Virtual Tourism = Real Tourism

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The Wall Street Journal has an article that highlights the money to be made in the convergence of real places and their virtual counterparts in games. Much like many seaside resort towns the beautiful Atami hot springs used to be Japan’s honeymoon spot but due to competition from Hawaii and Australia was experiencing a serious […]

Wedding Geography

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Several crafty types have created homemade moving compass wedding invitations for their weddings including a heirloom quality one made of recycled chip board, a super fun interactive one posted on Crafster with a great compass related poem, and some artistic hand drawn maps and compass invitations by Pier Gustafson. On the basic logistics side, many […]

Visualization of Tabular Data

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FlowingData is a fun website created by a Ph.D candidate in statistics that “explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better – mainly through data visualization”. If you think statistics is a dry topic, its probably because you haven’t seen this website. It’s amazing what decent data visualization does […]

Baby Name Map

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Apartment Therapy has an entertaining post about a baby name map which is a mash up of the most popular baby names around the world. There are also baby name sites, like Baby Name Guide, that have categories dedicated to geography names or geo-names. Public Profiler has a cool tool to look up surnames by […]


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At the request of a friend, I went looking for anything relating to Walt Disney and geospatial technologies. I found a cool internship at Disney for a civil engineering intern which asks for GIS skills. Apparently there are ways that affectionately called geo-nerds have fun at Disney World resorts that other people don’t such as […]

Fedstats’ Mapstats for Kids!

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Fedstats’ Mapstats for Kids is a collection of interactive games created to teach concepts about maps and statistics. It is based on the national standards for geography, math, and statistics. The characters are called Globie (maps) and Stixie (statistics).

Chugach Children’s Forest

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One of the great educational booths at the esri conference was Chugach Children’s Forest in Alaska. I finally got a chance to check out their interactive website. Chugach Children’s Forest is a “symbolic designation for the entire Chugach National Forest: and “a ground-breaking new program that creates exciting opportunities for Alaska’s youth and communities to […]

10 Things to Know About Managing GIS Projects

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The technical workshop, 10 Things to Know About Managing GIS Projects, is red hot. There are over 150 attendees and standing room only out the door. The workshop is presented by Gerry Clancy and Glenn Berger of the ESRI Professional Service Division. Obviously project management is a hot topic for managers, technical specialists, and the […]

The Mentor-student-teacher relationship

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One of the most enjoyable things about attending the ESRI UC is interacting with all of the middle school, high school, and youth groups. Their enthusiasm is infectious — and that is just the teachers, parents, and mentors. The students are modest about their achievements which are usually civic volunteerism projects that benefit their community. […]

Walk the World

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Oregon Scientific makes some really cool spatial gadgets including remote sensors, rain gauges, and what they call sports,fitness,and play. The one I thought was one of those, “why didn’t someone think of that before” gadgets is the Walk Around The World Pedometer that lets you walk your goal city and set your “route” with rewards […]