Sherlock Holmes and GIS

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If Sherlock Holmes was alive today, like he is in the modern day Sherlock TV Show, he would use geospatial technologies and extensive closed circuit camera systems (CCTV) to solve crime. This isn’t purely speculation, because as co-creator of the tv series Steve Moffat points out, Sherlock Holmes was a modern detective during his time. […]

Great Migrations

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If you are tuning in tonight to watch The Great Migrations series, National Geographics’ largest programming event, you might want to watch the “Making National Geographic’s Great Migrations” on NatGeo News which discusses the five years and hundreds of people involved in its production or check out the educators’s resources. National Geographic also offers a […]

Spooky 3D buildings

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Although this post is a little late for Halloween, I’d like to think of it as a project to start now for next October. Ray Keim of Paper Model Purgatory at Haunted Dimensions creates printable 3D papercraft models of spooky buildings he has crafted including New Orleans Square and the Bates House. If you are […]

Virtual test-drive

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According to MarketWatch, Mitsubishi will be offering the world’s first online test drive of an Outlander Sport Nov.1 – Nov.10, 2010 on their website. The advertising concept was created by 180 LA and B-Reel, a hybrid production company. B-Reel has created an evocative, interactive, music video for Arcade Fire, The Wilderness Downtown personalizing the video […]

Haunted Apps

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Haunted places, there’s an app for that, really. When I went searching for haunted places apps for Halloween, I thought that there might be one or two apps out there. Instead I found several categories of haunted apps. First there are the local area apps such as the WeirdNJ which is a guide to NJ […]

To Mars and Beyond

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As a young girl reading OMNI magazine, I couldn’t imagine saying no to a one way trip to explore space. I’m a little older now and would ask more questions, such as the ones posed in Cosmic Logic on MSNBC. It discusses a paper written by Dirk Schulze-Makuch, Washington State University and Paul Davies, Arizona […]

The Legend of Lillian Alling

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The Globe and Mail has a story about Lillian Alling, an adventuress who mapped out a route across North America to Siberia by foot and became a legend. According to Tom Hawthorn, “Her story – a mystery with a beginning but no certain end – has inspired novels, films and an opera, which is to […]

i can haz spatial charts

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Don’t let the lolcats of Icanhascheezburger fool you, Graphjams showcases some pretty sophisticated presentations of spatial data. This post of Red Riding Hood, created as a Swedish Future Short in 2009, is a great example. It was inspired by Royksopp’s Remind Me 2005 video. Other funny It would be nice if GraphJam’s Chart Builder included […]

Water World

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The BBC online has a story on a composite index of “water threats” including issues such as scarcity and pollution which researchers from City College of New York presented in the journal Nature. This is not the only water data project that City College of New York faculty and students have done this year. A […]

Raster Challenge

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It’s time to put your raster skills to work in time to get a Nintendo DS for the holidays. Crafster, Cooking Mama, and Nintendo DS have announced a contest to create a pixel project of Mama. It is to publicize the new Crafting Mama game in which you are challenged to “Learn 40 different projects […]