In the GIS summer time

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Pack your bags and your GPS, June – August are GIS Summer camp months! All over the world GIS themed summer camps, summer internships, and classes are taking place for everyone from kids to adults. The Harbor Discovery Camps, an interactive marine and environmental science program that teaches GIS among other skills is hosted by […]

Cicadas, Locusts, and Mapping

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Throughout history, cicada and locusts have produced fascination, food, and frustration, among other f words. The Cicada Mania site “Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.” provides TONS of information on cicadas. Other calls for citizen scientists include those of University of Georgia, Dept. of Entomology, asking for pictures and locations of […]

Spatial mapping and fish

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The R2 Fish School Kit that has been featured on TV shows like ABC News and Animal Planet teaches your fish to play basketball, fetch, and more. It was developed by Dr. Dean Pomerleau and his son Kyle. Their goldfish “Albert Einstein” is the current Guinness World Record holder for the pet fish with the […]

The Royal Wedding and Neogeography

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One of the most fascinating aspects of how the media is covering the upcoming U.K. Royal Wedding, is the use of geospatial tools, social media, and almost every bell and whistle they can think up to build interest and momentum in the event. It is a good contrast to the way huge media coverage was […]

Where on Earth?

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I just played a fun online game called, “Where on Earth” by Point 2 which was developed for educational museums and science centers. It shows landmarks from across the globe using NASA satellite photos and a player has three guesses of the location. If you have ever attended any geo-spatial related conferences, it is […]

NYC BigApps Winner

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Laurie Segall’s article for CNN Money, “Bloomberg opens NYC data to entrepreneurs” announces the winner of this years NYC Bigapps using NYC public data sets. This year’s winner out of 50 apps was Roadify, a real-time app that sends alerts about subway, bus, and driving conditions. New York City, like many government agencies in recent […]

Google: It’s a visual.

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I have started to worry that I am creating an infinite loop back to Apartment Therapy (as Frank rolls his eyes) but I always enjoy the fun posts, especially the quirky spatial ones that crop up. Apartment Therapy’s Unplggd highlights artist Alejo Malia who pictures Google in a whole new way. I have to say […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the almost one year anniversary of Google Street View Ireland, here is an enjoyable interview with Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist for Google Street View, discussing the launch of Google Street View Ireland for almost every urban center and rural road in Ireland. I have also included great video Google […]

Your Spatial Backpack

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When I was reading this month’s issue of Backpacker magazine, I started to fold down pages that contained geospatial apps and other features. After I had folded down most of the pages in this month’s magazine, I decided I would post some of my favorites. On their website, Backpacker has a section for app tools […]

To Space and Beyond

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Several recent requests for proposals (RFPs) by NASA go along with this weeks theme. They are NASA’s 2011 Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) goals and most of them are spatially related. They include not only Earth surface observations and Earth systems modeling but data analysis and research related to space and MARS […]