Kansas Caucus Results 2012 interactive maps

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It’s always exciting to watch real time results for any type of polling and interactive map are becoming more prevalent with each election. Several news sites have real-time interactive maps of the Kansas Caucus Results. The Huffington Post has posted a real-time map of the Kansas Caucus Results. It’s at almost 30% reporting and hasn’t […]

How Many People Can New York City Hold?

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I thought this was a particularly interesting article in the New York Times since the VerySpatial crew just returned from New York for AAG 2012.  The Times sat down with some city planners and academics living in and around New York to try to figure out some of the urban dynamics of large cities.  Currently […]

Earth Microbiome Project

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An article by Alan Boyle in MSNBC’s Cosmic Log discusses How Scientist’s Map the World’s Microbes.  The Earth Microbiome Project is a project to collect and analyze microbial communities from areas around the world and map them to their region of origin. In the project website’s own words it is going to be a “massively […]

A map nod to Dr Seuss

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In observation of Dr Seuss’s birthday, here is a fun reading of Tish Rabe’s Cat in a Hat story “There’s a Map on My Lap!: All About Maps (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)” which I clearly need to add to my shelf (and as a standard reading for my intro classes).

How space can make us better

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Neil deGrasse Tyson was recently on The Daily Show and he backed Sue’s excitement about space (not to be confused with space) and the importance of a sense of exploration on the cultural trend toward STEM education. All and all, it is just an awesome interview/dialogue. The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show […]