A podcast delayed

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Apologies, but Episode 357 has been delayed by an unexpected series of events which mostly revolve around the end of Maymester and the beginning of Summer 1 classes. The episode will be up shortly.

Dude, Where’s Your Map? Map Contests

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ESRI recently sent out reminders about submitting static paper or interactive maps for the 2012 ESRI UC Map competition. This year they have added a User Software Applications contest for applications using Esri technology or customized Esri software product.  The map gallery and user software application fair are huge events with hundreds of submissions, but […]

Geography on the Big Think channel

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The Big Think channel on YouTube (and of course connected to the Big Think website) highlights ideas from a range of individuals on a number of topics…as would be expected from a channel with the name. This video is one of a group that focus on how individuals perceive how Geography shaped them.