A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 360

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A VerySpatial Podcast Shownotes – Episode 360 June 10, 2012 Main Topic: Our conversation with Pete McIntosh of Exelis Visual Information Solutions on ENVI 5 Click to directly download MP3 Click to directly download AAC Click for the detailed shownotes


Spatial role-playing and virtual immersion

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It is interesting to find that there are many types of spatial immersion projects going on this summer. They provide a good contrast of how creative people can be with spatial immersion as an educational tool and the importance of experiencing an environment to understanding it in a new way. The original Virtual Trillium Trail […]


Google Maps press event video

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I am just beginning to watch the video from today’s press event at Mountain View, and while it apparently ends with a few announcements it begins with a great history of Google Earth/Maps going all the way back to SGI and Keyhole to the process of building (and filling) Google Maps. Take a look to […]


We Scooped Stephen Colbert!

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Ok, so not by a lot..but it is interesting that Stephen Colbert covered the sea level rise issue we brought up in the latest podcast.  Obviously Colbert took a much more humorous take on the issue than our modest reporting, but the issues remain.  Video below: The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political […]

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Minute Physics and Geography

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I have this thing where, when I am stuck on a Cultural Geography idea or thought or, more commonly, writing a paper one of the best ways to kick my brain into gear again is to feed it a few pages of a popular Physics book (preferably something quantum’y or maybe a little chaos theory). […]