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Architect or Grad Student?

With many popular sites picking up on Barbie’s new architectural design (the house) I finslly took a look at this year’s “I Can Be…” Barbie. You may recall that last year was the computer geek Barbie which was, quite honestly, awesome and can of course be called the GIS Barbie if you so choose. This year’s Architect Barbie offers Geographer’s the same opportunity to abscond with the credit. The main accouterments’s on Barbie are a tube for her blueprints and a hard hat. I say we ditch the hard hat, keep the map tube, and we have Geography grad student Barbie getting ready for this year’s poster session at the AAG in New York (I mean, come on, who other than a grad student is going to be crazy enough to wear those heels to a conference. Right?). Since the dress has a building theme I assume she is an urban geographer.

We should know by next February (if Mattel keep’s to their timeline) how we can abscond with next year’s “I Can Be…” Barbie.