National Geospatial Technology Skills Competition heads to Round 3 at the Esri EdUC

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We have talked about the GeoTech Center’s National Geospatial Skills Competition a couple of times on the podcast during the first two rounds, including an interview with Amy Bullard outlining the competition. Round one was an online test, and those who scored at a certain level were able to move on to Round two. Those in Round two created a video highlighting a software based project. The fourteen videos submitted to Round two have been judged and six finalists are heading to Round 3 to present their project at the Esri EdUC in San Diego. Those finalists are:

  • Evan Maier from Central Piedmont Community College
  • Feather Stolzenbach from the Community College of Baltimore County
  • Felicia Glapion from Northern Virginia Community College
  • Nathanial Wigington from Monterey Peninsula College
  • Paul Giers from Central Piedmont Community College
  • Sarah Tucker from White Mountains Community College
  • If one of the finalists can not make it to the presentation the next highest rank runner up will be invited.

    The presentations are currently scheduled for Sunday, 10 July at 3:15 in Marina – Salon F according to the EdUC schedule.

    Good luck to each of the finalists and well done to all of those who have competed in the first 2 rounds!