Call for presentations, AAG 2012 session

With the AAG taking place in February next year, the call for papers will close earlier than usual (Sept 28). Due to this earlier timeline I am putting out a call for a session I am putting together that will be made up of papers that will look at Participatory or Community Integrated GIS since the broad introduction, in 2005, of user generated and crowd sourced data along with Web 2.0 technologies. The broad question underlying the session will be “How have open data and accessible technologies changed Participatory GIS approaches?”. Presentations should provide:

  • a discussion of the changes in participatory projects,
  • an overview of the connection between participation and new data sources,
  • a specific example of new technologies in action,
  • or a sample of how communities are taking advantage of open data and new software.
  • If you plan to attend the AAG in NY and would like to be included in the session please contact me and provide a tentative title and a one sentence description of your topic. I will post a second call in August and finalize the session in early September.