The episode will be up Monday, brought to you by post 3000

I think the lengthy title covers it, but due to a conference cold, travel today, and lack of sleep I won’t have the next episode (300) up until Monday evening. I will email the “countdown to 300” contest winners Monday morning to get addresses and such, but I can say that the Kindle will be going to Andrew from Whitman, MA…CONGRATS!!

This week we hit a foursome of 300’s

  • 300 weekly episodes
  • 300 Facebook fans
  • 300 tweets
  • 300(x10) blog posts
  • And hey, in just under 3 months, we get to celebrate 6 yrs…

    AAG is a blast

    So far we have recorded some great interviews, talked to some interesting folks, and attended good sessions…as well as working on articles, planning some research, and eating great food.

    However, we are here for a bit longer and look for to talking to some of you who here at the conference. If you would like to share your research, ideas, or food suggestions feel free to @ us twitter or email us.

    Also, Jesse, Sue, and Frank are each presenting on Thursday so swing by our sessions. Finally, we have a panel session on Saturday and Jeff and Barb will each by presenting as well.

    Hope to see you around the conference.

    Observing the Earth – Episode 1

    So, yeah…a little something to round out Earth Observation Day 2011. Can I just say it is WAY harder to do a single take 5 minute video than it is to do an hour long audio podcast that ends up as 30 minutes.

    I am releasing a series of 10 video podcasts over the next three months to support an NC Space Grant I received last summer. The grant, of course, is through the day job, but since it is being released under a Creative Commons license why not plaster everywhere, right?

    The series’ home is at which has already gone through many themes and layouts in the week and a half it has been around. After the AAG, the Observing the Earth site will be finalized and the accompanying materials for the podcasts (maps, data, lesson plans, etc) will find there way on to the site. I also plan to do an online workshop in June that pulls together the content topics that will be covered in the podcasts and more for educators (formal and informal).

    Earth Observation Day 2011

    Well the results are in for our most recent poll “What type of plans do you have for Earth Observation Day (April 8)?” With 17 responses, 18% are hosting an event, 6% are attending an event and 76% have no plans.

    Clearly we need to get folks a bit more involved in Earth Observation Day events next year.

    NYC BigApps Winner

    Laurie Segall’s article for CNN Money, “Bloomberg opens NYC data to entrepreneurs” announces the winner of this years NYC Bigapps using NYC public data sets. This year’s winner out of 50 apps was Roadify, a real-time app that sends alerts about subway, bus, and driving conditions. New York City, like many government agencies in recent years, wanted an innovative way to use many the unused or unexplored data sets that they don’t have the capacity to use. It is a great way to create jobs, create usable data, and involve the public.

    A touchable interface

    Always amazed by the great flickr images...
    A year ago, the weekend after Where 2.0, we headed up to San Francisco to hang out with friends, to check out WonderCon, and for me to wait in line for the awesomeness that was the original iPad launch at the flagship Apple store. After getting up early and wandering a few blocks I stood in line with my fellow geeks to spend the $500 bucks on the shiny box, I went back to the hotel and synced the shiny new toy with my laptop. I didn’t spend a lot of time with it that first day since I was in San Francisco and there were things to do and places to go, but right away I had the sense that the new toy was in fact magical and revolutionary as advertised. The next day on the flight home I jumped in and got an idea of what the apps that had already been updated could do, along with doubling up some iPhone apps. It was exactly what I wanted, a really big iPhone. I had started with an iPod Touch and had decided I would need to have the connectivity of the iPhone. Once I had the iPhone I decided that while it was a go anywhere device I wanted a bigger screen for many uses.
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