Observing the Earth – Episode 1

So, yeah…a little something to round out Earth Observation Day 2011. Can I just say it is WAY harder to do a single take 5 minute video than it is to do an hour long audio podcast that ends up as 30 minutes.

I am releasing a series of 10 video podcasts over the next three months to support an NC Space Grant I received last summer. The grant, of course, is through the day job, but since it is being released under a Creative Commons license why not plaster everywhere, right?

The series’ home is at which has already gone through many themes and layouts in the week and a half it has been around. After the AAG, the Observing the Earth site will be finalized and the accompanying materials for the podcasts (maps, data, lesson plans, etc) will find there way on to the site. I also plan to do an online workshop in June that pulls together the content topics that will be covered in the podcasts and more for educators (formal and informal).