A touchable interface

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A year ago, the weekend after Where 2.0, we headed up to San Francisco to hang out with friends, to check out WonderCon, and for me to wait in line for the awesomeness that was the original iPad launch at the flagship Apple store. After getting up early and wandering a few blocks I stood in line with my fellow geeks to spend the $500 bucks on the shiny box, I went back to the hotel and synced the shiny new toy with my laptop. I didn’t spend a lot of time with it that first day since I was in San Francisco and there were things to do and places to go, but right away I had the sense that the new toy was in fact magical and revolutionary as advertised. The next day on the flight home I jumped in and got an idea of what the apps that had already been updated could do, along with doubling up some iPhone apps. It was exactly what I wanted, a really big iPhone. I had started with an iPod Touch and had decided I would need to have the connectivity of the iPhone. Once I had the iPhone I decided that while it was a go anywhere device I wanted a bigger screen for many uses.
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