Welcome to GAW 2010

We found our way back, once again, to Geography Awareness Week. As you are probably aware, this year’s theme is Freshwater and we will be touching on the topic in our guest post on the MyWonderfulWorld blog on Wednesday, but we have our standard fair of daily podcasts planned for right here on veryspatial.com as well. We have quite a few interviews with academic departments and educators from the recent GeoINT conference that we will be highlighting through the week along with a few posts about the joys of Geography. And as always we will have a special podcast episode on Wednesday for GIS Day. We will be kicking everything off tonight with Episode 278 that will highlight our conversation with Merrill Johnson of the University of New Orleans. Be sure to check it, and the rest of Geography Awareness Week content, out this week.

Also, along with Geography Awareness Week this is also American Education Week sponsored by the National Education Association.